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Robotic arm brings intelligence

2022-01-13 09:35:48
Guitar Industrial Park uses intelligent production equipment to produce guitars.

Eight years ago, the guitar industry settled in Zheng'an, bringing a new growth pole to this inland city. Today, the guitar industry has developed into a pillar industry of Zheng'an. In recent years, with the introduction of intelligent equipment, the development of Zheng'an guitar industry has also begun to inject intelligent factors into the development of "acceleration".

Walking into the Ma's guitar production workshop in Zheng'an Guitar Industrial Park, several intelligent production lines are busy.

"The entire CNC production workshop requires only two or three skilled workers. The mechanized production has greatly improved the production efficiency, and the production quality has also been effectively guaranteed." Ma Dashu, head of Ma's Guitar, said.

The author saw that there were only a few skilled workers operating in front of the monitoring computer in the huge CNC workshop. The guitars were transported to the front of the robotic arm through the crawler, and after painting, polishing and polishing, they were transported to the next process. The whole process includes: Sequential and smooth.

"Through network programming and the use of intelligent production equipment, some difficult processes can be completed more accurately. For processes such as painting, skilled workers only need to operate the control panel, which can be completed in a closed space through the robotic arm." Zheng An Lu Zhongyuan, head of Yufeng Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

It is worth mentioning that in the production process, intelligent equipment completes some difficult processes, and then realizes close connection with the next manual operation process, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

"Like the distinctive dolphin-shaped handle we produce, we use computer programming for gluing. Because the glue output is fixed and the gluing trajectory is fixed, the occurrence of glue overflow is reduced. The error rate of this process is reduced, and the next One process can be better connected, and workers only need to wait for gluing and then gluing, which greatly improves production efficiency and quality." Lu Zhongyuan believes that the use of intelligent equipment for production can prolong the mechanized operation time, Real-time regulation according to order demand ensures the supply of orders.

Lu Zhongyuan said that since 2019, the company has introduced 10 robotic arms, which have provided a strong boost to the company's stable development through intelligent production.

It is foreseeable that the Zhengan guitar industry, which has been injected with intelligence, will usher in a new opportunity for development. Intelligent production has laid a solid foundation for Zheng'an to promote new industrialization and build a world-renowned guitar industry gathering place.