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Notícias da empresa

Basketball Team of Zen-on

Basketball Team of Zen-on2020-09-08

Zen-on Basketball ! The NO.1 team of guitar industry!

First Direct Export From Factory

First Direct Export From Factory2019-12-16

For Zhengan Guitar Industry, December 12, 2019 is a day worth remembering in the future. Today, Zheng'an International Guitar Industrial Park's Guitar...

Our Daily Guitar Life
American Friend Come to Visit Our Factory

American Friend Come to Visit Our Factory2019-05-14

The manager of Washburn ,one of our important partner come to visit our factory ...

Musikmesse 2019

Musikmesse 20192019-03-26

Welcome to Musikmesse 2019, Guizhou Zhengan Guitar Industrial Co., waiting for you at 3.1-G25D/E on Apr 2 - Apr 5,2019. Tks!  

Shang Hai Music Show Booth

Shang Hai Music Show Booth2018-08-23

Music China, known as one of the most reputable musical instruments fairs in the world, will be held on October 10-13, 2018 in Shanghai New Internatio...

ZhengAn guitar square
guitar structure
Acoustic guitar body shapes explained

Acoustic guitar body shapes explained2018-06-21

Parlor While Martin set the blueprint for the dreadnought, 0, 00 and 000 shapes with its models and others followed with variations on them, many comp...

guitar making tools

guitar making tools2018-06-20

Dual Grit Diamond Fret Crowning File – I have been using these for years, they work great and the angle helps when working above the 14th fret over t...