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Folk acoustic guitar production process

2018-06-05 14:25:31

First, material selection

Guitars must first be sorted and selected. Not all materials can be used to make guitars. Some materials have dark injuries. This requires skilled professionals to be able to distinguish them with professional equipment. Specifically how to choose not to introduce here in detail, want to find out, then go find their own relevant information.

First, select the guitar handle, finger plate, panel (very important), back panel, side panel, etc., then dry, and generally dry to a humidity of 5 to 7 degrees can be used to make a guitar, hardware Consumables materials are not elaborated here, as these general guitar manufacturers do not produce and directly customize purchases.

After the material is selected, production begins.

According to the entire production process of guitar introduction.

1. Start with the handle of the guitar, which is what we usually call the head. The entire stalk is sawed at 7° and then glued together in reverse, thus creating a 14° slope.

 Image: Handle 7° Saw, Sticky 14° Slope

Steps Read Steps 3 Read the head once, customize a knife that is the same as the head design drawings, and install it on the vertical axis machine. The head shape of the guitar will be played once. The machine is dangerous, and non-professionals do not touch it. Figure: Playing the handle

Steps to read 4 Install the handle, this part is also the most critical part of the back of the guitar barrel. After applying the glue, use a cylinder until the glue is dry.

Steps to read 5 hits, repairs, grinding handles, the process really a lot Oh, do not look at a small handle, if not done well here, the back is installed on the guitar is embarrassing, you can look at those cheap guitar The handles are somewhat awkward, and some are serious. A guitar's craft can judge 80% of the shank of the guitar. The shank of a good lyre is definitely very positive. The shank of a very positive shank is not necessarily a good violin. Conversely, the tail is If it is not correct, then 100% of the piano is a craft but it is a matter of purchase.

Steps Read Steps 6 Read the drill hole and drill 6 holes once. Figure: Drill hole

Steps to read 7 A finished guitar handle is finished.

Fingerboard production: finger sheets of the required length

CNC sawing machine trunking, a very good guarantee for the scale standard.

The small dots on the edge of the fingerboard are drilled through such a device and then inserted into it.

Step Reading Step Reading Step Reading 8 1. Guitar panel production, divided into two methods: single board and plywood. The veneers are two plates that are spliced ​​together, and the plywood is one block pressed at a time. Plywood does not introduce. Board stitching diagram:

When the panel was opened, it was a piece of guitar-shaped board that saw the shadow of a little guitar.

Step Reading Step Reading 9 Use the bench drill to set the size of the sound hole and the groove of the sound hole to be embedded.

Then start inlaid ABS line, insert dripping 502 glue.

Steps to read Steps to read 10 sticky beam, the guitar's sound is a great factor in the decision of the angle of the beam structure material, a guitar production process, the most important one process is here.

Wipe the glue that overflows on both sides of the beam and wipe it until the glue is dry. A panel with glued beams is made.

Steps to read 11 side board production

The side panels are opened and the length of the required specifications is opened.

Diagonal side, rounded side to be divided into two materials, use different molds.

The two side panels of the guitar are joined together to form a ring frame using joint wood, and then the semi-finished frame is ground through the corresponding equipment, and the inner stay is glued. In addition to the appearance, the stay is actually used to support the panel and the back. Plates. Then it is polished and the box is leveled up and down.

Steps Read Steps Read Steps Read Steps Read 12 First, backplane production

It is very important to make the backing material like the panel, then glue it to the beam. The production of the backboard is also very important. From a finished guitar, when the panel is vibrated when playing, the backplane will play a reflective role. If the backboard is soft or not well made, it will absorb part of the original sound. Such a guitar will give people a feeling that the sound is not bright, and the stuffy bucket will never come out, so the backboard side panel of our common guitar is usually The reason for making it with harder wood is to make the sound of the panel better reflected.
13 The barrel of the guitar starts here, with panels, backplanes, and side panels integrated.

Step Reading Step Reading 14 Inlaid guitar edges, guitar edges in addition to better protect the guitar's edge, it is to play a beautiful role. It can be inlaid with various styles that you like.

Steps to read 15 A handle

This is the most important procedure for a combination between two parts, not one. Because this process has affected too much, timbre, chord distance. The timbre and chord distance are the most important thing in a guitar. If the timbral pitch does not meet the requirements, then it is a scrapped piano. The following steps are also done in a white manner. You can directly use it to burn fire, so this process Can not ignore it. Incredibly, how can the tone and feel of the guitar be determined here? Let me explain it to everyone.

Let's talk about the problem of timbre. When the handle is leaned forward, it will cause a lack of treble. If you fall back, it will cause a lack of bass. These are irreparable.

Then the problem of string pitch, the handle leaned forward with a high string pitch (according to the string finger pain, uncomfortable), backwards the string pitch is low (there will be hitting the product)

The prototype of a guitar can be seen here.

Steps Read Steps Read 16 Install the lever

Used to adjust the pitch

Steps to read 17 guitar fingerboard mostly use Indonesian rosewood, Brazil rosewood is on the verge of extinction, Indian rosewood costs a little higher, so it is generally used Indonesian rosewood, with ebony also have high-end guitar are only willing to use .

Steps to read 18 Trim to fit the shank and fingerboard together. The thickness of the shank should be constantly measured with a caliper during the planing process.

Steps Read Steps Read 19 Automated Electrostatic Spray Painting

Step reading 20 fingerboard

The fretboard's fine grinding will be reflected in the playing, and of course, the finely polished fretboard is also beautiful in appearance.

Steps to Read 21 Pin Lines

Nail line is also a very important process, nailed well, the back of the process to do it on the smooth, on the contrary you can tune the teacher to vomit blood, not at all exaggerated, product line nails in place or not, can pass the product line Judging from the gap between the fingerboards, if the gap is relatively large, then it is an unqualified product. A good guitar should be closely attached to the fingerboard with the product line, and the end of the product line should be chamfered by 75°. The chamfers are very rough and even shave hands.

Step Reading Step Reading Step Reading 22 Polish the primer to make the guitar surface smoother. Then spray the finish.

Steps Reading Steps Reading 23 Saw pillow

According to the effective chord length of the guitar, the length of the first product is calculated and the upper pillow is sawn. Now the most common one on the market is the chord length of 650mm. The distance from the upper pillow to the twelfth item is 325mm. The bridge from the 12th to the next yard is also 325mm, so the resulting guitar is accurate on the octave. Otherwise, the guitar is a waste product, the scale is wrong, and all of it is wasted.

Steps to read 24 affixed code / Qin code

Before you install the next code, you must sand it so that the bottom of the bottom of the code matches the curvature of the guitar's panel, and then the next code is stuck through the mold to ensure that the guitar wants to have an accurate chord length. Saw pillow and paste the code can be said to be the key process in the closing process, in the slightest.

Steps to read 25 There is not much technology to be able to install the chords. The molds are well and the screws are tight.

Steps to read 26 string installation is a bit stress, we pay attention to look, many well-known brands of 1,2,3 string winding laps more, can you know why? Because the perforation of the pegs is the same size, and the 1,2, and 3 strings are taught thinly, it is necessary to wrap a few more turns to ensure that the last circle must not be wound around that hole, so that it is easy to break the strings and to ensure that the strings cannot be pulled from the pegs. Slide it out.

Steps to Read 27 Tuning

Each guitar must undergo a tuning test before it leaves the factory and it is immediately found that there is a problem. What are the things involved in tuning? Tuning as the name suggests for the guitar to adjust the standard tone, in the standard pitch to detect whether the product, the guitar string pitch is qualified, the pitch is the distance from the bottom of the string to the top of the product line, the general first string The distance is controlled at ≤0.5mm, and the twelfth is controlled at ≤2.8mm. The pitch is not as low as possible. The low pitch can easily cause the resonance of the product and the string to decrease, thereby affecting the sound quality of the guitar. Here, the difference between sound quality and timbre is popularized. For example, the timbre is a person's vocal line, and the sound quality is equivalent to the perfection of this person's singing. Some people have a good sound ray, but they sing but they run out of tune. This should be better understood. The difference between tone and sound quality.

Steps to read 28 pack shipping

Clean work should be done here, dust should be blown clean, and fingerprints on the guitar should be wiped with a special rag, then bagged, boxed, and stored. The above is a guitar factory normal production process, of course, there are many processes to be omitted in the middle, can only introduce more than 20 outline processes, a guitar from the choice of materials to the completion of the production, all together add more than 200 processes, A very complex art production.