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How to choose a good guitar?

Michael 2017-08-17 08:34:03

javascript:void(0);/*1502929773935*/1.If the string button is a closed string button
Select the guitar to choose a closed string button, if it is open button button, the domestic guitar is basically a poor guitar, like the kind of 200 dollars guitar, is generally the string button. Closed string button is not easy to get into the dust, not easy to bad, more will not run sound, the cost will be more expensive, so rotten guitar, generally do not get a good string closed string button. Of course there are foreign brands of guitar is half open button button, but I think in the country, you have to pick the entry of guitar, which can be used as a standard. Not prospective, but generally are accurate.
2.Color pattern
If the color is dark, or painted a lot of graphics on the panel friends. Then you have to be careful, and generally such a guitar is the manufacturer in order to cover the flap of the panel. Imagine a good guitar, you will have the heart to draw in the above fancy it? If it is good wood, but will not be painted with dark paint. Choose some can see the wood and the like will be better.
3.Panel material
Slightly better guitar, the panel of materials is very particular about, and will be marked out. If the buyer does not know what kind of wood is used, or care about it, then you know.
For the entry of the piano, mainly to see the location of these materials are marked out: finger board panel side plate back plate. General to the material will be: rosewood, spruce, mahogany, sand billy. As long as it pointed out that the panel is a kind of inside, should not be a problem, finger board is generally rosewood.
Veneer: veneer is a piece of natural wood to do. Single piano price is relatively high. Basically in more than a thousand dollars. Novice do not have to pursue veneer.
4.Chord distance
Look at the distance between the string and the string is uniform, the distance between the string and the fingerboard is appropriate, too high is not good, too low will play a murmur. The first product, the distance between the string and the column is about 2 mm. The first 12 items are 5-8 mm. Mainly to not play the lower the better press.
5.Look at work
Mainly to see whether the fine workmanship, there is no plastic joints at the same. The neck is not straight. Look at the details.
6.Listen to the sound
The novice is mainly to listen to the sound is clear, there is no noise, first listen to the decomposition of chords, and then listen to the sweep. Do not look at the sweep, you are Mongolia, but also what to listen to it The so-called hit product, that is, when the plucking chord vibration will hit the column, will be issued noise. 500 the following is the quality of the main good or bad, do not tangle what sound.
Attached; other details, good piano, there is description of what kind of strings used. Ordinary is gone. Piano in the piano, do not feel embarrassed to see, they will not play to let the other side to listen to listen to see. Or can bring a friend to understand the piano to pick, it is the best.