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How to learn to play electric guitar for beginner

Michael 2017-08-18 08:47:29

Do not start from the acoustic guitar, if you just want to learn electric guitar.
Because the electric guitar feel, power, sound and the difference between the guitar is quite large.
Very simple example, the acoustic guitar is almost learning the right hand finger plucked, while the electric guitar is mainly used to dial the plucked.
At the beginning of the beginning to practice from the scale fingering, while learning simple music theory, knowledge 5 line spectrum or 6 line spectrum (6 lines more professional and guitar expressive force, and 5 line spectrum of knowledge spectrum faster), basic exercises 1 Month or so.
Then the chord, right hand rhythm, syllable music, and simple harmony and music theory, hard work, capital is also a month to master the foundation.
And then is the skills, speed, and some advanced music theory, which is more difficult place, most people here to encounter the shank, and this has always been accompanied by the first 2 months of basic learning only practice, only basic skills Solid people may be advanced from here.
The last is the senior, and acoustics, numerous scales, there is the creative improvisation.
Because there is a guitar in the case of learning, because the practice will always be with your study.
If it is really like a new electric guitar, iron center to learn to buy some of the electric guitar, to avoid future investment.
KORT X6 good primary 1500 or so, the sound compared to other brands higher than the price are more than enough
If the economy is better, it is recommended to choose 3000 + IBANEZ piano, such as PM3, JEM555, JS100.
If you are more affluent, then you have to according to your favorite tone, style, feel to choose a unique piano. Such a piano is generally no, more professional, specific expressive force.
Finally, even playing a few decades of guitar master will not give up the basic skills of practice, I practiced 12 years of foundation, many times can not be very happy to play.