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Guizhou Zen-On Guitare industrie Co., Ltd
Adresse : zone de développement économique de Zheng An, ville de Zunyi, province du Guizhou, Chine.
Tél : 86-18948300588
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正在等待翻译…… 正在等待翻译…… 2017-08-14 15:44:01
   In order to further implement the cash rewards and punishment system, rewards and punishments and clear, to our company on June 5, 2017 night, paint color room cause fire a small scale, on-the-job employees immediately rushed to the scene of the fire, actively fighting heroic fire extinguishing, the company decided to participate in the rescue of 19 employees shall be rewarded, and carries on the trophy presentation on this month 14 morning, by the company general manager comrade Zhang Jiefeng prize in person, motivate staff safety in production.