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Jack 2017-10-20 10:07:51
This year the exhibition area of 125,000 square meters exhibition, a total of 33 countries and regions, more than 2,100 Chinese and foreign enterprises to bring new products concentrated display. Music producers, distributors, artists, performers, musicians and students from all over the world gathered in this year's event.
Look at the order, business meetings, cooperation talks, looking for business partners, exhibitors are participating in the largest exhibition of Shanghai Musical Instrument, will also show the business function to the extreme.
Fair everywhere to see business overseas buyers, here is to let the Chinese musical instruments to the world, so that the world counterparts to understand China's most direct platform.
The same period of the exhibition has been one of the hottest items of the Shanghai Musical Instrument Show. The audience has responded enthusiastically. If you can not catch up with the activities of this lecture, remember to speed up the next day to register!