China GMX Soprano Ukulele for Kids Adults Beginners 21 Inch Ukelele with Gig Bag,Strap,2 Felt Picks,Tuner,Nylon String,Straping Tape manufacturer

GMX Soprano Ukulele for Kids Adults Beginners 21 Inch Ukelele with Gig Bag,Strap,2 Felt Picks,Tuner,Nylon String,Straping Tape

Brand Name: GMX Model Number: ZA-BW21GR Type: Soprano Ukulele Body Material: Basswood Neck Material: Okoume Fingerboard Material: Tachwood Back / Side...

China New OEM replacement guitar neck Fashionable manufacturer

New OEM replacement guitar neck Fashionable

Model Number:KR-5221
Body Material:Slid spruce
Neck Material:Mahogany
Fingerboard Material:Rosewood
Back / Side Material:Mahogany
Place of origin:China guangdong
Size:41" inch

About us

We are the leading guitar manufacturer in Zheng'an Guitar Township. We have a professional creative team to develop professional guitar manufacturing. Our main factory is here over 10000 square meters.
   We specialize in guitar manufacturing for more than 10 years. Our high-level technical team has rich experience and strict management, constantly developing new styles and perfect guitars. We are proud that each guitar passes 3 quality inspections.

Brand History: GMX guitarist was founded in 2016 by a group of music-loving manufacturers who wanted to bring more and better music to more people by making high-quality guitars. Let everyone who loves music can enjoy the fun of playing guitar. "GMX" is the abbreviation of guitarist brand, which is very popular with guitarists. Its full name is"Guitar Master Max", representing a Master with superb Guitar playing skills. The brand is known for making high-quality guitars, which are praised for their timbre, feel and appearance. If you are a guitar lover, then you must not miss this brand.

Since the birth of the brand, GMX guitarist has been adhering to the love of music and quality of dedication, and constantly pursue excellence. They select the best quality wood, after careful design and clever craft, to create a pure sound, comfortable hand guitar. Each GMX guitar into the designer's efforts and ingenuity, conveying the respect and love of music. In order to achieve the goal of bringing more and better music to more people, GMX guitar masters not only strive for excellence in guitar production, but also actively carry out music education and performance activities. They collaborate with many well-known musicians, hold concerts and performances, so that more people know and love guitar music. At the same time, GMX guitarist also provide potential guitarist support and help them achieve their music dreams.

Concept: GMX guitar master by virtue of its excellent quality and high-quality music culture deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, as the world's top guitar brand. Eventually, it became a symbol of excellence and persistence. Both professional musicians and music lovers will find their own sound in the world of GMX guitar masters. GMX guitar master will continue to promote the development of guitar music, so that more people feel the charm of guitar, experience the power of music. They will be excellent quality, exquisite technology, warm service, for everyone who loves music to bring more and better music experience.

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