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According to the law of shape and memory of guitar fingerboard

2018-04-12 11:03:36

Ordinary guitar fingerboard, a bit familiar? That's right, this is the content of the BG03 class. For those notes that are closer together (smaller intervals), we can already quickly find the ones that are far away. With the gradual understanding of the fingerboard, I believe that you should have discovered some of these laws, this time we will in-depth study of the shape of the guitar fingerboard, provide a reliable basis, more quickly find the note you want.

Suppose you are looking for the scale of the C major nature. There is no doubt that you must first find C. Other sounds are derived by C. How to find so many C? Maybe you only know the two C's in the first place. It doesn't matter. At this time, the laws of shape come in handy. Just memorize it.

The figure position in the figure is C. We can find many rules by connecting some Cs that are relatively close together.

You can find 2 by 1, and hold both of them at the same time like the C chord;

You can also find 3 from 1, and holding both of these sounds will resemble the C5 chord.

From 3 can be found 4 and 5, here 3 to 5 is a little far, but it is also common, while holding down these three sounds will be very similar to the G chords, note that this refers to the method is very similar, and it Not a G chord, still a C chord (fifth position);

From 4 you can find 5 and 6, 4 and 5. I believe that without explanation, 4 and 6 are similar to the simplification of the F chord, which is actually the same shape as 1 and 2, while holding 456 and the F or Fm chord The full press is very much like;

7 can be found by 6, the same shape as 3 and 4;

After 12 items are repeated, electric guitar will use more.

After sorting and categorizing the above experience, you can get the following practical shape rules that apply to any tonality:

The guitar is a four-degree stringed instrument, but 3 to 2 is the exception. G to B are major, so the corresponding shape will also change.

Although the vocalist was found, other sounds could not be found quickly? In fact, all intervals have corresponding shape laws, but I also recommend that you try the fifth and third. Next, because the root-three-tone-five forms a triad, it is familiar to you. It is very useful. Second, the geographical position of these three sounds is very good. The rest of the sounds are in the vicinity of them. They are easy to find and do not have to deliberately remember the shapes.

This is the main tones and fifths on the fretboard in C major, and if you can find them, the sounds near the tones and near the fifth can be easily found. This is much like the game. In the fog of war, the first light is definitely the most critical position. Now that we have found the vocal notes and fifths in the fog of the fretboard, and of course there are three trebles, but they are not far from each other. Try it yourself.

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