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Basic guitar knowledge

Susie 2017-08-10 10:26:05
1、classical guitar

  The palace is said to be derived from musical instruments, musical instrument of the lute. The body is handmade, flat, wide fingerboard. The strings are nylon, special winding. The timbre is beautiful and mellow.
2、folk guitar

  From the classical guitar, changed to 12 ~ 14 of big guitar resonator, the fingerboard micro narrow fingerboard and slightly curved make it easier. The strings are made of steel, alloy string, and hard. The timbre is clear and melodious, penetrating, the volume is larger than the classical piano, and the metal feels heavy.
3、 Hawaii guitar

  The ancestors of modern electric guitar, playing flat, with a metal rod and the metal paddles for tool slide. With a small resonant box, the amplifier must be enlarged.
4、 Electric guitar

  Is the guitar and Hawaii electric guitar revision upgrades, divided two kinds of single resonator and Tiqin. The sound comes from the string vibration, cutting the current generated by the magnetic field and amplifying it. The device needs an amplifier. Because of the different expressive power of music, it is made into various models and styles. Peripherals are huge, such as effectors, amplifiers, etc.. Through the surrounding equipment can make the guitar appear in a variety of different colors, plasticity, performance with personal preferences. Play can use paddles, slide even drills and other tools to create more effect.