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[Chinese Dream Practitioners] blind musicians: I have double "black eyes" also have a musi

Michael 2017-12-29 08:44:27
He is a blind man who had congenital cataracts and was completely blind at the age of 13. He is also a musician, guitarist, ukulele, piano, African drum, drum, harmonica and whistle. He is also a sportsman Lovers, love swimming, fitness, and even riding; the same time, he was a teacher to teach guitar and Ukulele living. He is a 25-year-old blind musician, Chen Weijie, who compiles his own song and began to study in Guangzhou in 2007. Now he is the tenth year he struggled in the spurt and pursued his own music for the rest of his life.
In a residential area near Sports West Road, music and songs slowly flowed out from Chen Weijie's mouth and his guitar. It is this song, let him catch up with today's girlfriend.
"This song is called" You can sleep with my insomnia, "during which time she did not care much about me. I told her to write a song for her. That night I spent a long time with ukulele, and I finally wrote Two of them, this is one of them, she was touched. "25-year-old Chen Weijie a little thin but handsome, in his own words, he has a lot of" girls are envious of the body, how to eat are not fat " .
His acquaintance with his girlfriend is in a nonprofit organization. Today, his girlfriend works in Foshan, while he stays in Guangzhou. The residential area of ​​Sports West is both his studio and his residence. "Originally, I was going to get married next year, but I wanted to give her a better dowry, so I have to work hard now," said Chen Weijie.
Eye disease 13-year-old blindness
In 1992, Chen Weijie was born in rural Qingyuan, not long before he was found to have poor eyesight. "At that time can only see some of the immediate things, a lot of things are not clear, and later discovered that the original examination was originally congenital cataract." In the fifth grade, he did an operation, did not expect the final but lead to retinal detachment, Completely blind, then he was 13 years old. "When I opened my eyes, it was all black, but my father never gave up and he found me a blind school, and for a degree two years later I attended a blind school." Chen Weijie said the school was in Guangzhou, It is also Guangzhou changed his life trajectory.
"See too much but impetuous"
After one year in the blind school, he started to learn the guitar; another year later, he started the creation. At the same time, he also formed his own band with classmates in blind school, adding more than 200 performances to various performances. He wrote dozens of songs.
"When I was young, I like music. When I was a kid, my grandpa loved to sing classic old songs. When I was older, I found my father who went out to work also like to sing. Later, after attending blind school, I followed the teacher of blind school Guitar, and later learned to piano and other instruments, learned a lot.
Because it is visually impaired, his learning is somewhat different. "At the beginning, we first listened, and then learned some basic knowledge, then while listening to music try to figure out the study, trying to play out." Learning, can not read the book knowledgeable Weijie with more sensitive than ordinary hearing and Music, learning quickly. "It's more impetuous to see if you can not see your eyes and concentrate on practicing your guitar," he said.
From masseurs to board China Dream show stage
Although the road to music has been confirmed, but in 2013 just graduated, he did not immediately engage in music-related work, but in order to make a living as a masseuse.
"A total of two institutions worked, first with the master, his own hands began to do it alone, one day to do 12 hours, two or three thousand a month, though hard, but whatever the outcome can be independent." At the same time, he did not Give up music, still part-time performance, use every opportunity to change their own destiny. In 2015, he resigned from the massage agency to go to a nonprofit organization to do music, and boarded the stage of China Dream Show.
He often said that to change his fate is a friend in Guangzhou. "Many of my friends often invite me to perform, and even my musical instruments are sent by my friends." In July this year, with the help of a friend, he opened the studio near Sports West to teach guitar and Ukulele has become his important means of making a living.
"Now I have more than 10 students, young children from the age of 70 to 80-year-olds, but also in several institutions part-time as a teacher, also formed a 'scarecrow band' with friends .Because of the beginning, the current income Just enough monthly rent, but will certainly get better and better later. "For the future, young, he is full of expectations.
Chen Weijie hopes he can be treated as a normal person: he can wash his own clothes, cook meals, and even type on his cell phone. In addition to music, he is a sports enthusiast who loves swimming and can even ride. "When I was in school, I was still an athlete. Standing long jump and middle and long distance running are all my strengths," he said.
"You can sleep with my insomnia
"Fear you sad, afraid of you lonely, afraid of you are not happy I should do, I am a little lost, because you ignore me, my sky began to rain. Feel your heart, feel your love, feel your Small temper breathing very quiet, afraid you are awakened, in the dream also want to coax you ... ...