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First Direct Export From Factory

2019-12-16 11:26:22

For Zhengan Guitar Industry, December 12, 2019 is a day worth remembering in the future. Today, Zheng'an International Guitar Industrial Park's Guitar Import and Export Company locks its cabinets in Zheng'an and is about to sail from Chongqing Port and sail overseas.

The container products are produced by our company. According to Liu Jiangbo, chairman of Guizhou Zhengan Guitar Industrail Co., Ltd .: Since the company was established, the total export trade has exceeded 10 million US dollars, all of which are exported from Waifu, and this is the first time that direct export from Zhengan. Today, the standard container carrying 4,500 ukuleles is small, but its significance is inestimable. This container opened the prelude to direct export by Zhengan's local foreign trade company.