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Music genius Jessie J

2018-02-27 10:18:30

2016 was a very bad year for rock and roll fans around the world, and in just a year we lost David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Gregor Gray Eagles), together with Rami, who died at the end of the 15th, all dedicated to commemorate them.
But the other left our popular culture superstar on April 21, 2016, and maybe he's not a rocker, but as a genius who combines rhythm and blues, pop, rock, funk, electronics and jazz Type creative musician, he actually has an indelible contribution to the entire music world.
Not to mention Prince's "Purple Rain" shows Prince in the guitar skills culmination, it can be said that, by virtue of this song alone, Prince has enough to leave a deep imprint in the history of rock.
Prince was born on June 7, 1958, starting as a guitarist for 17 years at the age of 17, starting the album for the next 40 years on average almost a year.

The Prince of the peak period proficient in a variety of musical instruments, arranged most of his own album lyrics, and even the album's instrument performance is also done by himself, this is his music talent.
In the genre, the early Prince merged the disco and funk; in the medium he joined the rock, soul, rhythm and blues synthesizer popular; late Prince, quoted the "Los Angeles Times," a sentence is "the first The popular superstar of the post-everything era completely ignores the categories of race, genre and business appeal "
Decades of musical history may only qualify, but for Prince, he also has his own genius.
As a talented guitarist, Prince did not leave behind the pounding of the guitar, or the tongue with a symbolic far greater than musical feat, but if you have seen him contributed to the stage over the long 20-minute solo Version of "purple rain", you will understand that his guitar skills have long exceeded the master's level.
In addition to the genre, the convergence of music genres, even the distinction between the genders to the Prince here can be no further. In 1993, accompanied by the release of a new album, Prince announced that he wanted to change his name to a "Love Symbol," a composite of male and female symbols.
And this is more than just a gimmick, since Prince had tried to make his vocals more sharp through variable speed or transmutation as early as the '80s, and he also used it to create women-first Perspective of the work.
Perhaps for the most part, as fans, we only noticed Prince wearing high heels on the stage, but in fact his attempt at music toward women was his most talented side.
"Love Symbol" album cover
Crossing the gender boundaries may make people admire the Prince, but we should also see that in the prestigious period even gave up their names, instead of using even a symbol that can not sound as their "name" really Need too much courage.
Just as much is the case with the Prince geeks, Justin Timberlake had to succumb to the "foresight" many years ago in the Super Bowl midfielder just past 2018.
In today's virtual technology is more and more developed, more and more performances will choose the late artist holographic video projection on the stage in order to achieve the same stage with these late stars.
Justin Timberlake midfielder Super Bowl midfielder
Perhaps for most people, after death can be remembered in this way, this "green history" is not bad, right? But after Prince had seen the holographic projection of John Lennon, Prince clearly expressed his dislike for this practice:
"This is the worst thing I can think of and everything should have gone its way. The whole virtual imaging is evil technology, and I'm not a devil." When they manipulated John Lennon's voice to sing the song, It is as if he was awakened from the tomb and I will never let such a thing happen to me. "
In the end, Justin Timberlake used only one compromise to present Prince's projection with a giant curtain, for which reason it was still scolded by fans.
The geek Prince, may be laughing in paradise it.
Stones sister cover "purple rain"

Let's go back to the "Purple Rain" sung by the Stylized Girl last night. This version may not be the best version, but we can hear the knot's interpretation of this song, which is entirely a tribute to Prince.
To express his admiration for Prince's superb guitar skills, guitarist Tommy Chan came to the forefront at the climax of the song, lighting up the scene with a similarly gorgeous solo. And at the moment the stone sister even bounced the air guitar to echo this section of solo, about the world worth many people shaking legs a lot of songs, but it is worth to people facing that solo bang the air guitar, but not a lot