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The first domestic college professional guitar studio set up in the big music school

Michael 2017-12-25 08:56:46
Dongfang December 15 message: 14 afternoon, at Shanghai University School of Music set up a "Professor Yao Zhong guitar music studio", which is the first in the country to set up a guitar professional studio. The main production and publication of domestic authoritative guitarist album series of albums; editing and publishing of professional teaching materials and music; held a strong professional concert. And plans to work with media such as radio stations and music stations to create a regular guitar program featuring excellent guitar work and guitar knowledge.
Wang Yong, Dean of Conservatory of Music at Shanghai University, presented a letter of appointment to Professor Yao Zhong at the founding ceremony. Wang Yong said: "The entry of guitars into colleges and universities is an inclusive and open society, which also embodies the cultural self-confidence advocated by General Secretary Xi Jinping. The establishment of studios is an attempt to integrate advanced music teaching and social forces."
Professor Yao Zhong also believes that "guitar is the most popular folk instrument, loved by the masses.Now we open a guitar studio in the music school, in addition to the guitar name, more is the embodiment of open modern education Concept, innovative guitar music development. "
According to reports, Yao Zhong is a famous Hawaii guitar player, national level performer, is also China's first generation of popular music after the reform and opening up guitarist, has published performances, teaching more than 20 kinds of albums, and in Shanghai Concert Hall Held concerts, is currently one of the most performers of domestic guitar music.
The studio is called Studio Art Director by Tu Bahai, known as the light music godfather. The studio also gathered guitar predecessors Zhang Jiasheng, Rong Zunwen, and Shen Shuqiang, Zhang Jie and Bu Xuzhong, Chen Feng, Tang Haiyang, Zhao Yan and other senior musicians. In the future there will be more celebrities at home and abroad for alliance cooperation.