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Jake 2017-10-25 08:58:47

Acoustic guitar that is the original sound steel string guitar meaning, is a kind of plucked instrument, similar to the shape and violin, usually six strings. The earliest accompaniment of western American country music. Usually as a song accompaniment in the form of the United States to the western country music as the main theme.
He is regarded as a commonly used instrument in pop music, rock music, blues, folk songs. Also used for classical music, there are plenty of solo, chamber music and orchestral occasional use. In recent years the emergence of electric box dual guitar guitar to the stage performers to bring great help.
Acoustic guitar can be broken down into Acoustic guitar (round piano) and Cutting down (short piano), the former suitable for playing chords, which is suitable for playing high position Solo. Folk guitar neck is relatively fine, on the width of 42mm wide, from the string pillow to the body of a total of 14 characters, the piano box has a crescent-shaped shield, the use of steel string chord playing. The most "civilians" member of the guitar family. In the fingerboard by the string pillow to the piano handle and the piano box is a combination of 14 character, fingerboard narrow, the use of steel strings, piano tail with nails, the panel is generally a guard, can be played with nails or paddles. Folk guitar sound round and bright, sound deep and pure, playing the posture is relatively free, mainly for the accompaniment to the singer, for rural, folk and modern music, playing the form is more relaxed and casual. Grass root taste is relatively heavy, is one of the most common guitar in the guitar.


Classical guitar was originally a classical 6-stringed piano, named after the stereotypes in the classical period. And harp, lute piano with Western plucked instruments (classical string). Classical guitar does not mean that it is limited to playing classical music, different musical styles, such as classical music, flamenco, jazz and so can be played with a classical guitar. Classical guitar is known as one of the three major instruments of the world with piano and violin. And harp, lute piano and so on are classical class string. In the fingerboard by the string pillow to the piano handle and piano junction is 12 character, fingerboard wide, the use of nylon string, pure sound quality, sound rich, no protective plate. Mainly used to play classical music, from the playing position to the fingers touch string has strict requirements, skill is profound, is the guitar family of the highest artistic, the most representative, to adapt to the most extensive, most deep, most of the art of a sure class. The classical guitar is a musical instrument that is made according to the style of the nylon string (100 years ago for the intestine) that was shaped more than 200 years ago. Classical guitar structure and other instruments (folk guitar, electric guitar, etc.) are significantly different; classical guitar to solo-based, taking into account a certain amount of ensemble, concerto; fingers directly play and combine a variety of special playing skills; from music In terms of performance: classical guitar to play classical music-based, taking into account a certain amount of modern classic music. Delicate and varied sound, rich multi-part harmony and playing ability, different times, different styles of different national music can be interpreted freely.