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American Guitar Hero NEIL ZAZA

Jack 2017-10-27 10:08:49
Neil Zaza is an Italian descendant guitarist from Ohio, USA, who gives the guitar's unique melody and personal guitar style while giving guitar's superb push strings, kneading strings, quickspeakers, strings, strings and other guitar skills Integration, by the music of the attention, ranked guitar master gods list.
Solemn thanks to NEIL ZAZA, because this is his second round of this year's tour, and the current round of the tour nearly a month trip only 4 days of rest time, during the three consecutive days to participate in the Shanghai Musical Instrument Exhibition. Along the way although the boat fatigue, but in the master's face was not aware of the slightest weakness. ZAZA with a professional attitude, kind of communication, to all left a perfect impression! Thank him once again to the country's friends brought a perfect performance!
ZAZA once again conquered the world with his charming smile skills