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Chinese classical guitar and American classical guitar

2018-02-24 14:17:18
Today's survey to see the title estimated a wave of people to line up the debate. Actually, we want to compare the gap between the development of China's classical guitar and the United States so that we can calm down and think about it so as to avoid losing its direction and losing itself in the overall development of good. Take this survey today to end the series of "2018 Top Ten Outlooks" surveys. Later, we will analyze and comment on the results of Qin friends comprehensive analysis.

Comparing the heart of everyone, as well as between countries. Last year, Professor Hu Angang of Tsinghua University claimed that China's economic, scientific and technological strength and overall national strength have surpassed the United States and topped the world in condemning him. Recently, the U.S. businessman Musk successfully launched Falcon's heavy rocket to make people aware of the situation more clearly To the gap between China and the United States.

From the classical guitar point of view, the gap between China and the United States is not only a little bit. In particular, a small number of low-maltribution of the black sheep of all kinds, nonetheless, bitch swore Street, tell the truth, but also lowers the quality of the industry, undermining the industry's image. Of course, China also has its own advantages. The upsurge of industry development can not be stopped. Therefore, it should not be taken absurdly. An objective view of yourself, identify the right direction, ogle up his sleeve dry, is the way to go.

First, the production of classical guitar. The quality and quantity of China are rising. The United States does not have much bright spot. The world's classical guitar handmade piano is mainly in Europe, while the factory piano production concentrated in China. For example, Spain's Antonio Torres, Ramirez series, the German Hauser series, France's Robert Booze, Daniel Fredric, Britain's Jose Luo Manilluo and so on. But one thing, the people who hold the largest number of world-famous music are compared in terms of countries or concentrated in the United States. For example, the annual sales of celebrity guitars by American guitar salons countless.

Second, classical guitar performance. This is undoubtedly the United States. The United States is a country of immigrants, attracting talented people from all over the world. There are many classic guitar masters. Older generation such as the Romero family, Baruike, Fisker, Sharon Espin, Losangeles Quartet, David Tannam, David Starr David Russell, etc., the younger generation more Is victorious enumeration, and so on. In China, however, there are some very good people who have also emigrated to Britain and the United States. I do not know they will not come back. There are more and more excellent domestic young performers, but no suitable orientation and development have yet been found.

Third, classical guitar creation. The United States still occupies the absolute superiority. The number of composers, the number of works can not be accurate statistics, but there can be a rough comparison. From the classical guitar track database http://www.sheerpluck.de/index.php query results, the number of classical guitar works in the United States was 7590, while China is only 144, less than the fraction of the United States. And based on the differences between Chinese and Western music and culture, it is almost impossible for Chinese classical guitar to catch up with and overtake the United States.

Fourth, classical guitar education. From the current perspective, based on the population superiority in China, dozens of colleges and universities and art schools have opened up the classical guitar profession, a great catch-up trend in the United States. However, judging from the quality of teaching, the two countries are not an order of magnitude, Famous teachers gathered in the team. Of course, with the efforts of Professor Chen Zhi and his favorite students, more and more world champions have been taught by China. We should not be tempted to compare ourselves with this project.

Fifth, classical guitar culture. According to the publication and distribution of books, audiovisuals and related literary and artistic works, the number of Chinese classical guitarists in terms of teaching materials and scores is considerable, the quality needs to be improved, and there is a wide gap between periodical magazines and monographs (in the United States, Soundboard and Classical Guitar magazine as an example); in the distribution of records and DVDs, the same can not be said for both China and the United States. In terms of the classical guitar festival and competitions, the number of Sino-American differences is narrowing, but the quality needs to be improved. In