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Playing the guitar will allow us to do this

2018-02-23 14:45:31

Playing the guitar will allow us to do thisThe original I like to be alone at home, surfing the Internet, playing games, often sore neck looked up and found that it is already late at night. When playing the game, the phone must be placed in front of a five-minute brush wechat, do not brush feel lonely, brush feel emptiness. But since learning the piano, many times can not remember to see the phone.
Later went to the big city, a person in an unfamiliar city, because of the guitar company, a person's time has become a song accompanied by the time.
During the time I could not play the guitar, I could say that none of my friends. Can not find the way to make friends.

After you start learning the guitar, it's no longer difficult to meet new people. The first is the increase in the number of ways. Whether online or offline, because of the common topic, it is always more natural to be more tacit. It may be in a communication group, it may be in a bar performance, or a street performance, you can naturally to the strange musician WeChat "exchange and discussion."
If not for a guitar, a stranger rushed to another stranger to WeChat, guess is waiting for two-dimensional code to rise, or the police first come?
Second, because of the same interests and hobbies, the probability of conversion from an acquaintance to a friend is relatively large. I learned more friends after the guitar, can be said to add more than the previous two decades. This is normal because the relationship between friends has never been determined by the length of time it has been recognized, but by the resonance of the present two.
If there is something more important in this world than making friends, then do not be afraid to miss friends.
So, playing guitar lets us make friends.