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Frankfurt International Musical Instrument Fair, April 11-14, 2018

2018-03-20 09:56:47
Exhibition Name: 2018 Germany Frankfurt Musical Instrument Exhibition Musicmesse 2018
Time: 2018-04-11 — 2018-04-14
Hold the exhibition hall:
Organizer: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
Co-organizer: De Han International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Industry: Audio Instruments
Exhibition City: Foreign - Germany
Exhibition Introduction
2018 Frankfurt International Music Exhibition Musikmesse 2018
Exhibition time: April 11-14, 2018
Venue: Frankfurt International Exhibition Center
Exhibition cycle: once a year
Professional visitors: 108,000 visitors from 130 countries (2016)
Exhibitors: 2,043 exhibitors from Ryukyu, major exhibitors: Germany, USA, China, Italy, UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, Korea, etc. (2017)
Expo Overview:
In 2017, the Frankfurt Lighting and Sound Show and the Musical Instruments Exhibition were successfully held. The four-day exhibition attracted nearly 110,000 visitors from more than 130 countries. The number of exhibitors reached 2,043. This year's musical instrument exhibition and the lighting and sound show are characterized by new concepts. Detlef Braun, head of Frankfort, said: “There is no doubt that both exhibitions reflect Frankfurt as a place of European music. In the context of changing sales patterns and channels, our repositioning of the two shows is correct, and we We will continue to carry out more and meticulous cooperation with associations and exhibitors in this direction."
In addition, more than 20,000 music lovers participated in more than 50 concerts of musical instruments. This is the first time ever to host more than 30 concerts. “We are very pleased that the concert held at the Instrument Fair has inspired so many people. The concept of bringing music to the city was a success,” said Wolfgang Weyand, head of musical instruments exhibition.
The Frankfurt International Music Exhibition (Musikmesse 2018.04.11-14) is scheduled to be held in Frankfurt on schedule. Our DIE has more than 10 years of experience in the German exhibition grounds, and we have experience in major German cities. Long-term stable grounding service and cooperation partners, and provide exhibition and lodging services (hotels and hotels), translation assistants and other related exhibition services for exhibitors from mainland China and Taiwan and Hong Kong for many years. The specific contents are as follows:
Accommodation Arrangement: Family Hotel (local Germans and Chinese inns more than 500 places, including exhibition hotels, private villas, high-end apartments). The family hotels and villas are some of them within walking distance from the exhibition, some are about ten minutes by car and the traffic is very convenient. The basic furniture in the hotel is fully equipped with electrical appliances to ensure safety, clean and tidy, most of them can be free Internet access, individual guests and groups can be arranged. At the same time when booking the room, our company will provide guests with room reservation proof (hotel reservation), and the room price varies according to accommodation conditions, transportation distance, number of people staying and days of stay.
Translation assistant: Recommends more than 350 German students or working Chinese (Germans) to participate in various exhibitions in Germany for your choice. They are excellent translators who have been repeatedly selected by our company and have cooperated many times. (Exhibition assistant/ (Accompanying translations). Exhibition interpreters are fluent. If you need, you can call us and ask for a copy of your resume and photos.
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1, save money - in the same file quality, the family hotel's cost will be 30% to 70% cheaper than the hotel, the event space is greater. It is a good way to save travel expenses. The hotel prices during the large-scale exhibitions in Germany are very high, and most of the hotel rooms are full. Therefore, the family-owned hotels are increasingly favored by exhibitors, and the advance booking discount rate is very large! ! !
2. Comfortable - All home essentials including bedding are included. You can leave your luggage to stay, just like returning to your home and enjoying the warmth and convenience of your home.
3, self-help - you can according to their own habits and preferences to clean and wash the health, a completely private independent space, free from outside interference.
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If you need to participate in other national (city) exhibitions (Europe eg: Frankfurt, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, Essen, Stuttgart; Italy, Milan, Verona, Rome; France Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux; London, Birmingham, England; Oslo, Norway; Geneva, Switzerland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Spain; Warsaw, Poznan, Poland; Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia; Istanbul, Turkey. Americas such as: New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Americas; Canada, Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec and other major cities) We also provide these services. If you need to know related information or need help, please send an e-mail or call us. We will reply to you with the highest speed and efficiency. We hope to cooperate with you. Thank you! ! !
Exhibitor scope
Professional audio and recording equipment: microphones and accessories, recording and tuning equipment, mixing tables and shelves, accessories
Professional stage lighting effects equipment: lighting technology, stage technology and Truss system, laser technology and effects, etc.
Multimedia Technology: Computer Software and Hardware, Building and Interior Sound System, Projection and Presentation, Video Technology, etc.
Small instruments: stringed instruments, brass instruments, mouthpieces, percussion instruments, woodwind instruments
Large instruments: piano, keyboard, church organ, classical keyboard
Electronic musical instruments: keyboards, synthetic instruments, digital pianos, electronic drums, electric guitars/bass
Musical instrument accessories and musical instrument furniture
Music Publications and Professional Publications
Professional seminars in music production, dissemination, recording, etc.