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Guitar maintenance methods

Michael 2017-12-02 08:55:58
Guitar because of its elegant sound, easy to learn, has a very individual tone and performance techniques, both euphemistic whisper, but also to express the majestic style of magnificent, so many people dreaming about it;

A hollow guitar, toggle that six golden strings, you can express emotions, by Wenqing favorite.

The tone of the guitar is the sweetest, the warmest and most exquisite. However, the guitar is also the least reliable and unstable for the construction of the instrument: it is very easy to play when it is played with a lot of power, resulting in unpleasant noise; a weak paint layer is hard to protect The woody panel; extremely thin guitars and dorsal panels make it extremely delicate and hard to maintain.

【Daily Maintenance】

To maintain the guitars body, you need to make the guitars on a regular basis. From the start you first need a very suitable cleaning cloth. Body paint than the resin lenses but also "soft" here can only be described as soft. Improper cleaning can cause small scratches on the painted surface. As time goes by no gloss. So, the general glasses cloth is not enough, you need to buy a special guitar cleaning cloth.

Repair small scratches on the body

Scratches on the body often occur inadvertently. In general, there is no way to effectively deal with these small problems except through a special repair fluid, but it is not expensive After you have played and used the guitar for more than a certain period of time, you routinely use a refill fluid to maintain your body, which greatly extends the body's luster and finish life.

Body of the wipe method

1. If you put it in a box or bag, clean it often, that is, dust. Usually the dust in the bag or box is very fine. You can use the hair dryer cold wind, hot air will hurt the paint, as well as local heating of the wood will make a small deformation of the piano (but you can not see), so generally The dust is gone. After that you should scrub with a special cleaning solution again to ensure that all the dust is removed.

2. If you often put on the piano rack there will be a lot of dust, it is recommended that you first wash with a piano body wash liquid, wash the top did not touch the body of dust blowing in the hair with a cold blow, blow and body Contact with dust more closely. Finally, with the body cleaning liquid scrub time.

3. If the piano is found above the sticky things like sugar, feel it with your hand, if it is oily soft stuff rub off. If it is water-based first wipe the piano with water damp things, we must note that water can not be too much.

Polish the wax polishing

When you're playing it, it's really unpleasant to have someone see fingerprints or other dirt on your guitar, so you need to polish the piano regularly:

1. Polishing to ensure that no dust on the piano body, or that dust will make the surface scratches, see dust on the last one.

2. Polishing things to use a very soft Do not use general chemical fabrics, preferably deerskin, usually selling a lot of fake deerskin, we pay attention to choose. It is best to use the regular manufacturer of special cleaning cloth.

3. When polishing should be combined with a special waxing solution. After waxing not only protects your body from minor scratches and dust but also gives your Aegean luster, so you need a dedicated polishing wax solution.

【Summer Conservation】

Once in summer,
Whether the rainy season or hot day high humidity.
When the humidity is high, the guitar will naturally deform when wet.
Guitar moisture has a fatal effect on the guitar,
So summer guitar moisture management is a must.

Wood maintenance

When the wood gets wet, it becomes wet and soft as it absorbs water, and it becomes weak if it absorbs water. Wood is weak, it will easily lead to natural deformation also easily deformed due to external influences. Wood is bent and deformed due to the inherent properties of wood. Therefore, after logging to fully dry, even if dry well, there will be some local deformation characteristics. Try to use long dry wood guitar, to minimize distortion.

Guitar damp how to manage it?

Dehumidification is the most important! Air-conditioned where the guitars are kept (subject to conditions, of course) or in the guitars (silica gel). If possible, place in a suitable safe deposit box.

When not playing the guitar, release the guitar strings
Summer does not play the guitar, the string loose 3 to 4 laps it, because of the probability of tension less.

Playing the guitar often
The so-called often play the guitar is often able to see the guitar, often see to know the guitar state, often bounce, it will eliminate some moisture.

Keeping the guitar underground means you want to throw the guitar
Summer, the ground is heavy moisture, must not be kept underground.