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Take the travel guitar together to see the world!

JA 2017-11-23 08:50:08
Travel Guitar, also known as mini guitar, the piano case and the piano head smaller than normal guitar, easy to carry folk songs or classical guitar. And its design is mainly intended to facilitate the easy-to-use musical instruments and often traveling musicians can travel easier to carry.

Recently, Rotas out of a travel guitar!
36 inch travel guitar

ZA-L363 is a 36 inch mini acoustic guitar. Hole log color design makes guitar feel more natural, better resonance. Its effective chord length is only 607mm, pulling force will be relatively smaller, making it easier to press the string. Its compact body is also more conducive to control, and its special power wood design makes the sound features more obvious, and can produce enough sustain. The compact, lightweight ZA-L363 body delivers natural sound and can perform on stage. It applies to a wide range of places, both on the outdoor beach, or indoors arena, mini ZA-L363 can easily manage.