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He and Zheng'an Guitar "Confess to the World"

Tianyan News 2023-01-03 10:36:03

With the growing reputation of Zheng'an Guitar, Hou Baichun's guitar business has gradually been recognized by his family and friends, as well as the original oral agreement. "After my family and friends came to Zheng'an many times, they gave good feedback and expressed their support and understanding for my choice," Hou Baichun said.
"The sound of frequent logistics wheels in Zheng'an International Guitar Park, the grinding sound of workshop workers, the hawking sound of Taobao Village's live broadcast room, and the passionate singing and playing of guitarists around the square are the most pleasant development symphony I have ever heard, which is also the reason why I stayed." Hou Baichun did not hesitate to express Zheng'an. In his words, a lively story, a surging number, gathered into the development vitality of this county.
Hou Baichun is the founder and CEO of Guizhou Ruwei Musical Instrument Culture Development Co., Ltd. He has worked hard in Beijing for many years and has rich experience in investment and entrepreneurship. In 2018, he came to Zheng'an to establish the company, focusing on guitar marketing, guitar education and guitar cultural tourism development. He took it as his duty to promote the guitar culture. For this reason, he has been deeply involved in the guitar industry for many years, from the original amateur to the current professional, and has become a leader in the integrated service industry of musical instruments.
Open the development notebook, and count the achievements. Hou Baichun's company has undertaken all previous Chinese Guitar Production Contests, independently developed online grade examination, online course appointment and other software, and nearly 300 marketing partners have spread all over the country, promoting the introduction of guitar culture into schools, covering primary and secondary schools in Zheng'an County, and gradually radiating to surrounding areas. Through joint investment and equity, it launched the "assault gun plan", gradually opened the national college market, and launched guitar themed research and learning tours.
All these achievements should start from 2017.
The Promise of Luck
May 7, 2017 is an unforgettable day for Hou Baichun. On this day, he made a tie with Zheng'an.
When stepping on the land of Zheng'an, the sky was drizzling, and the Zheng'an Industrial Park at that time was not as prosperous as it is now... Hou Baichun clearly remembered the scene at that time, "After a visit, I was deeply shocked by the development conditions of Zheng'an. It is hard to imagine how to develop industry in a place that is hard to find even a flat land, but I decided to stay."
Before coming to Zheng'an, Hou Baichun was regarded by his friends as not only a "North Drift", but also a business pioneer with unique vision. Since he started his business as a student, he has founded a number of companies, worked in Correction Pharmaceutical, Huasi Corporation, Haoyuanpeng Group, etc., and has more than 20 years of Internet work experience and entrepreneurial experience.
After making the decision to leave his hometown and start a business in Zheng'an, Hou Baichun was persuaded by his family and friends in turn. When he talked with his friends all night to persuade them to stay, Hou Baichun suddenly changed his temper and said, "Come and see again!"
Hou Baichun believed that at least three to five good companies could be created around guitar production, marketing, teaching, culture and tourism, and he was determined to seek gold in Zheng'an.
Later, he quickly launched his business in Zheng'an. In the marketing section, more than 30 Zheng'an Guitar brands are sold as agents; In the education section, we developed "Folk Guitar Learning Tutorial", "Folk Guitar Grading Test Music", and developed an online grading test platform; Set up Zheng'an Guitar Chain Store in colleges and universities; In the tourism section, it has undertaken the China Guitar Production Competition for three consecutive times, developed guitar themed research courses, and attracted tourists to Zheng'an with the guitar.
With the growing reputation of Zheng'an Guitar, Hou Baichun's guitar business has gradually been recognized by his family and friends, as well as the original oral agreement. "After my family and friends came to Zheng'an many times, they gave good feedback and expressed their support and understanding for my choice." Hou Baichun felt deeply.
Love is deep
Hou Baichun, supported by his family and friends, devoted himself to his career, focused on project promotion and talent training, and gained a large number of loyal fans.
In the office, Hou Baichun talked with Tang Wenjun, a partner and vice president, to deal with the recent thorny issues, and his handling method impressed Tang Wenjun. Tang Wenjun, who has been following Hou Baichun for many years, has always maintained a relationship between teachers and friends. He humorously praised: "Foreign monks like to chant sutras!"
"I'm a Zheng'an man now," Hou Baichun retorted with a smile. Over the past few years, Hou Baichun has lived in Zheng'an for most of the year, and his understanding of the second hometown of Zheng'an is no less than that of the local people.
"Only when you can settle down and have a firm foundation can you stand up." Hou Baichun defined himself as a cultural businessman. He believes that, as the company name shows, Ruwei is to let outsiders know more about Zheng'an through what the company does, so that they can know Zheng'an and become the window and cultural promotion ambassador of Zheng'an Guitar.
Today, the company is positioned as an integrated instrument service provider integrating guitar marketing, education, culture and tourism, and acts as an agent to sell several guitar brands in Zheng'an International Guitar Industrial Park. Since 2018, it has actively undertaken three Chinese Guitar Production Contests, which has made Zheng'an Guitar famous, and has entered the primary and secondary schools in Chongqing, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and other places to carry out the "Zheng'an Guitar Music Training Center" project, and launched activities such as "Ukrili enters the campus". At the same time, we will help college students start their own businesses. In Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Guizhou Institute of Technology, Zunyi Normal University and other universities, we will guide college student store managers to start their own businesses and run Zheng'an Guitar Self run Stores, carry out education and training, and promote Zheng'an Guitar to enter the college student market.
"Now we have independently developed online grade examination, online class appointment and other software through big data empowerment to further promote Zheng'an guitar culture online." Hou Baichun said that the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put the quality of development in a more prominent position, and economic, social, cultural, ecological and other aspects should reflect the requirements of high-quality development. In the future work, the company will take high-quality development as the main line, base itself on the chain advantages of Zheng'an International Guitar Industrial Park, take "Guitar+" as the main idea of integrated development, comprehensively expand the guitar customization, guitar training, guitar research and study tour and other projects, and spread Zheng'an guitar culture.