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How to choose a guitar

Icey 2017-08-03 15:53:19
Guitar buying skills
1.Neck:neck must use hard wood board to do , and grain should be straight to mahogany, rosewood, ebony for the best. Segmental twill due to easy deformation, fracture, and therefore should not be used. Finger board to be straight, the arrangement of sound products to be accurate and clear, spool elastic to moderate.
2. Body: body is guitar pronunciation of the "resonance box", so the use of large area of ​​wood, demanding. Top, back should be used alone, not puzzle. The more puzzle, the more the patchwork, the worse the quality. The use of plywood is the next product. Board should be smooth without scars, no trace, no gap, panel, backplane and the combination of the keyboard frame to glue tight, it is best not exposed traces.
3. Audition:Identify the sound to be auditioned on the spot. A good guitar products, in the chord string high, just plucked once, the sound can last about 6 seconds, and the hue melodious, filled around. And then check the same pitch in the chord different grades are different, in the case of quasi-high pitch, there are differences for the non-conforming products. In order to avoid buying a bad defective, it is recommended that you try to choose some well-known brands better.