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Instruction for acoustic guitar wood

Michael 2018-01-22 08:21:35
Brazilian rosewood, which for the last 200 years has come out on top because of its high density, beautiful texture and rich and harmonious resonance, has limited logging, scarce resources and more expensive in recent years, only in some of the best products use.
Mahogany, the second largest timber made of guitars, this material is very tense sound, bright and warm sound is his prominent, for the performance of treble and tenor more in place, louboutin pas cher The lack of material lightweight, porous wood with matte paint process, but also to make the guitar has a very good texture.
Maple, unlike rosy wood, has good absorbency, it has a few rebound effect, because of its wooden smooth nature of the decision. Maple for good performance with the treble, with a larger box on the guitar is more appropriate, a larger box have a better resonance, so you can make the bass better, coupled with bright and crisp echo characteristics are many jazz guitarist s Choice.
Koa, Hawaii, has a tonal richness between mahogany and rosewood, a very beautifully textured piece of wood that is as devastating as Brazilian rosewood.
Cocobolo, rosewood, the guitar is very rich and full of sound, has a wonderful overtone, bass resonate, with plenty of volume, people often compared with the Brazilian rosewood, this material is hard wood, Durable, dark orange with black stripes and its beautiful, a good guitar completely natural.