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Instruction for guitar wood

Michael 2018-01-19 08:34:42
Every piece of wood is unique. Good guitars must have good materials. Good materials do not necessarily sound good. A good piece of material can only truly represent its value in the hands of a skilled craftsman, so that a good guitar can be made. Just a piece of wood.
Panel material:
Panel materials are generally spruce and red cedar, because of its fine texture, excellent resonance to become the preferred wood soundboard.
Among the spruces are Sitka and Engelman.
Cetica wood hard, with a long life, good sound ductility, the best use of the steel string guitar, used in classical guitar has a wider range, clear and crisp sound and has penetrated.
Ingerman, the density closer to the Korean pine, its light features have better resonance and loud sound, more suitable for the performance of rich and complex sound is to use, but its overtone is not ideal.
Adriondack, native to the east coast of the United States, is light and hard, has excellent sound quality, was once widely used by Martin, his voice was very sweet and unique, and it was made fine Guitar takes very little effort, its tone quite comparable with the general materials 20 years later. Because of limited logging, the reserve is relatively small, expensive, materials are scarce.
Cedar, natural reddish brown, fine and even texture with bright and warm sound, softer material and more delicate sound make it the choice of many luthiers. The red pine guitar has a very good sound from the outset. The usual spruce must be on for a long time to reach the effect of its new piano. The playing is very good even without great fingering.
Back side plate material:
Rosewood, East Indian rosewood and Brazilian rosewood are the most common.
Rose wood is stable in nature, continuous in wood, flat, with good resonance, relatively rich in resources, easy processing, the sound produced by the Brazilian rosewood is very similar to the material is particularly desirable, hard wood, brown and black texture production Out of the very beautiful, these features make it an irreplaceable place to use today, a good soundboard will be accompanied by rosewood material, which became everyone's consensus.