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Playing guitar is really a waste of money?

Jack 2017-11-08 08:15:57
Some people say that playing music is the tyrant's exclusive, there are four points, first, not lack of money; second, leisure time; third, just love. Fourth, buy equipment. But do you agree with this statement?
Speaking of we play guitar, say burn, mostly concentrated in the equipment. Not to mention a variety of peripherals, just on the acoustic guitar, if you really pay attention, it can not afford to burn. When you have a guitar that you can call a musical instrument, you have to cherish it, sometimes it may be the future that others want.
For example, a student party who loves music and guitars, a guitar (or not so badly) that you see as an unforgivable "burning stick" is also craving for those who have just become interested in guitars . However, I think this for them, with a guitar is not hard to do, and now thousands of guitar around the market abound, the manufacturing process has improved a lot more than before, for the student party, Part-time part-time in a month is enough to buy a first practice piano.
For the high-end brand acoustic guitar consumption, only a handful of people can afford, usually a musician or a very few collectors to buy. You want to say tens of thousands of thousands of guitar okay, there is a saying "a price of goods, a very good price to buy." In general, the high price of the piano most of the custom handmade piano, after all, to create a fine handmade piano is really very impressive.
In addition, the guitar peripheral equipment is also one of the reasons that everyone thinks burn. Some performers rely on effects dominate the fingering half sky. I have a small companion to study and learn the real music of Kadokawa. His favorite song is the "flower" of Shinji Shinichiro. As a result, I get repeated practice and study by the musician. When he plays the guitar smoothly After that, he always felt a lot of difference between the original and the original.
At a concert by Mr. Shinji Shinji, he understood why. Later, he and the magic of electronic devices ambiguous, he said he spent a lot of money on the guitar effect, the home hoarding effect quickly catch up with a hill, I did not ask him the exact number, but I guess less say there are fifty or six million it ...
There is a strange problem between amateurs and professional guitar players. Amateurs do not rely on guitars to make money. Buying more devices is burning. Professional guitarists buy a lot of guitars and do not make money, and for them, too Appears to burn money.