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ROTAS four major advantages, why do not you choose?

2017-11-28 09:12:54
ROTAS guitar inspired from many years, is China's early high-end guitar practitioners, adhering to the "unchanged, ingenuity" concept, has been in the line has a good reputation, much of the industry's recognition and support. The achievements of ROTAS guitar absolutely not only from the market, but also has its own incomparable advantages.

Dry wood
A guitar structure, feel and tone are closely related with the wood. In the wood processing of the drying process, it takes up to three years, after screening classification, purely natural air drying, drying kiln, four workshops thermostat storage. During this period each process should be strictly screened, only choose high-quality wood. This is related to the overall stability of the guitar, to avoid post-emergence of goods, chapped and other issues.

Strengthen the handle
The piano handle that is the middle of the piano, the overall coordination of the panel, side panels, backboard, fingerboard, handle the tail, if you do not grasp the late there will be playing, feel bad, too tired fingers and other issues, a great impact Players play. ROTAS guitar in the neck, the main use of mahogany in Africa, to enhance the guidance effect. The middle of the handle has also been specially treated, embedding 30% of the carbon fiber steel wire, supplement the tension of the strings, effectively prevent the wood from producing natural changes. In addition, a carbon steel strip material was added to the interior of the fingerboard, neck and barrel section.

Paint process
(Exclusive paint technology spent one year's development)
ROTAS guitar imported green paint, paint technology is mainly divided into the bottom paint, topcoat. Primarily to play a closed role of the underlying paint, mainly filled with wood guide hole, separated from the direct contact with the air, to avoid drying the wood will not be affected by air humidity. The so-called "slow work fine living", ROTAS pure hand-painted mode, after twelve repeated lacquer painting, up to 14 days to complete, is twice the time of the traditional process. ROTAS will also control the thickness of the paint 0.15-0.2um, permeability, solves the guitar resonance obstruction is inadequate, very suitable for high school bass resonance.

Guitar feel
For musicians, choose a good guitar, nothing more than the feel, sound. The combination of the two, can have good performance. ROTASr each guitar unique, guitar on the pillow, under the pillow, foal, paint thickness, etc., are carefully made by the artisan craftsman. According to the guitar material and trait repeatedly debugging, to create a more reasonable guitar with, for each musician to adjust the most appropriate guitar angle.