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Analysis of the guitarist must do 10 things

Michael 2017-12-04 08:43:28
If you take a moment to think, understand these suggestions and follow them, I believe it will help you improve your guitar skills and become a better guitarist.

1. Exercise put a mirror in front of the mirror, look at their own bodies, arms and fingers against the mirror. Carefully understand and find yourself in the hands of whether there is muscle tension, not smooth place. Make sure your sitting and holding posture does not bring you any uncomfortable.

2. Try to make mistakes appear only once. It is inevitable that you made a mistake while practicing, but do not blindly repeat where you were wrong, stop and think about the cause of the error, find it and improve it so that your hand pops the right result. Think of every mistake as a chance to learn, find out why and improve.
3. Investigate the details of every mistake and clearly and clearly know what happened. Which sound is less or no bombs? Which finger should be used to press the string? What should your finger stay in before pressing the string?

4. Every day to stick to their own recordings. Listen carefully to your own playing, find out what you are most dissatisfied with, and think about how you can play it better.

Try to play in front of others. Every time you have to clearly aware of how they feel, how to play, there is no physical sense of tension? Is emotionally involved? Psychologically nervous, anxious, or feel the joy of playing music? These analyzes help you understand yourself and see where you need to improve to become a mature player.
6. Think of your finger as a different person, you can imagine they have their own name, they are a band together, cooperate with each other. Whenever you press a string with one finger, you have to imagine that you are the finger man. This imagination allows you to experience the feeling of your fingers more exquisitely while playing. Lack of finger-like feeling is the root cause of technical difficulties in various performances.

7. In front of you in addition to the score, but also placed a notebook, whenever you find your weaknesses, or areas most in need of improvement, or where you need to strengthen the practice, they have to write down, but also To write down how you decide to improve. Keep it often in front of you, or print it out to pin it somewhere so you can see it often. After this repeated reminder, you will unconsciously pay attention to the next exercise.

8. Every time you move your finger, think about your next move.
9. Whenever you practice, pay attention to your body.

10.Use the metronome as an indispensable tool for improving your skills. Play speed is slowly established, for example, starting from 60BPM, a beat four times (which is a very painful speed), at this speed to find their fingers and body muscle tension, relax And eliminate tension. Then to 80BPM, 100BPM. Go back and re-use 60BPM this time a tone to play 2 beats, then go up to 80BPM, 100BPM. Follow this cycle and then practice a tone 1 beat, 1/8 notes, and finally 1/16 notes, and then slowly from 100BPM up to the limit you can reach.