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Rotas guitar vision - to create the first brand of Chinese acoustic guitar

Michael 2018-01-08 08:30:08
【Rotas guitar - heat treatment technology】

    Process characteristics: Heat treatment is a very important process in the production of high-end guitars. It plays a decisive role in enhancing the stability, sound quality, service life and enhancing the competitiveness of products in domestic and overseas markets. Chinese guitar enthusiasts recognize this But it takes quite a long time and a great price. Since the heat treatment affects the inner quality of the guitar, it generally does not change the shape and appearance of the guitar, does not make it intuitively feel its necessity and importance, but rather prolongs the production time of the guitar and increases the production cost This industry lags behind a long time, while the developed countries in Europe and the United States pay special attention to the research and development of guitar wood heat treatment. This is one of the reasons why many professional musicians favor imported guitars!
[Rotas guitar - carbon fiber reinforced neck]

     The Rotas-Guitar-artist series all feature an adjustable core and bi-directional carbon fiber stiffener in the center of the neck below the fingerboard, depending on the musical style of the player's needs or the wood's response to changes in seasons Plate curvature to make precise adjustment control, coupled with its meticulous assembly, all high-end guitar should have elements found in Rotas guitar, all reflect the careful attention to Rotas guitar.
【Rotas guitar - inlaid piano code】

     Rotas guitar with inlaid piano code, play the strings more vibration, enhance the tone volume, strengthen the piano code and panel cohesion and adhesion.
【Rotas guitar - the industrial chain of piano】

      Rotas each piece of wood by Mesopotamia personally selected materials processing, do not rely on any factory foundry, to ensure quality, even a small piano code, pillars, beams also have to be dried, brewed, heat treatment ... Wait 20-30 steps. The majority of domestic guitar factory or purchasing parts back to the guitar assembly, accessories uneven quality directly affects the quality of the guitar! This is also where Rotas excels other brands!