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Guitar winter maintenance tips

Michael 2018-01-11 08:03:13
Winter is here. Rain less, and its dry, and some Qin friends in the north, home heating and geothermal heat, humidity can even be as low as 30%. Long-term life in low-humidity environment, nasal and pulmonary respiratory tract mucosa on the slow ciliary movement, dust, bacteria, etc. easily attached to the mucosa, stimulate throat thirst, dry cough, dumb sound, sore throat and other symptoms, It also speeds up the breeding of the flu virus and the Gram-positive bacteria that can cause the infection, and also easily causes other diseases as the dust in the air spreads. Therefore, dry and cold air in autumn and winter invaded, easily induced pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases. In addition, allergic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, itchy skin and other allergic diseases are also related to air-dry. The company is located in:
Low humidity not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but also our guitars are "sick".
Guitar is wood products, so have all the characteristics of wood products, coupled with the resonance of the wood is very thin, so with a fast water absorption, dehydration and fast features. (Especially veneer guitar)
Principle: Loss of water will shrink, absorbing moisture will swell. The company is located in:
We all know that humidity is measured as a percentage. Let's be intuitive and divided into the following areas. The company is located in:

90% - 100% Extremely high humidity range
Body began to swell, the sound quality decline, playing feel worse. The chord will become high in a short time. Guitar panel bulges around the bridge. Fingerboard 14 products will be raised. The sound beams on the back panel may degum the wood as it expands and all bonded parts begin to loosen. The beams on the front panel and the back panel will loosen and the piano keys will be pulled off the panel. The guitar will not function if the glue is not firmly bonded. Inside the guitar moldy. In severe cases, the guitar will disintegrate.

85% - 90% high humidity range
The body begins to swell, the sound quality is slightly reduced, the feel of the hand is lowered, and the string pitch is increased. The sound beam began to loosen in a few weeks, the panel and the back panel became very bulky, the bridge loose or separated from the panel, and the playing performance was affected. The fretboard 14 starts to bulge and the guitar may begin to mold internally. The company is located in:

70% - 85% in the high humidity range
Slight decline in sound quality. Panel weak expansion. The chord may be slightly higher. Swollen panel and back panel phenomenon, playing feel affected. Fingerboard 14 products began to bulge. A few months later, the guitar began to have a moldy taste.

70% -45% of the normal range
Various parameters are normal, guitar feel, tone, etc. will not be affected by humidity.

45% -35%
Slightly dry. Exposure to such air, though slightly affected, does not create unrecoverable problems. The edge of the frets may feel sharp, the panel slightly raised, the chord may be reduced, and the guitar with a low chord at normal humidity will show up.

25% -35% low humidity range
A little sharp edge of the product, scraping hand. The panel may start to fall below the normal arc, the back panel will flatten or dent, the chord will feel less, the guitar will likely hit the rim, the sides of the bridge begin to dent, and the bridge will be pulled up a few months later or broken .

20% -25% low humidity range
The panel starts to dent. Strings will be reduced quickly, the guitar will play. The edge of the fret will feel very sharp, the panel and the backplane will become flat or concave, the concavity will appear on both sides of the bridge, and the panel will crack. The company is located in:

20% -0% basically scrapped
Wood is severely dehydrated. Chord will be reduced, guitar products. Filament edge is very sharp. Guitar panel severely cracked.

The company is located in:

(PPPS: 70% -100% is in the wet range, 70% -45% is in the normal range, 45% -0% is in the low humidity range.
Under normal circumstances due to the pulling force of the strings is also a slight bulge. Many guitar backs are designed

Radial, is to get better resonance. The normal bulge is not within the above range. )
Many problems caused by too low humidity environment, such as panel cracking and so on, are irreparable.
Then the problem is coming. . .

1, how to know the humidity is how much? The company is located in:

A: Household hygrometer, hygrometer and guitar can be. The company is located in:

2, how to humidify the guitar?
A: It is not difficult to solve this problem. Away from heating, do not place the guitar directly on the geothermal floor. Also pay attention to house ventilation, and humidification. More use of household humidifier for the entire room humidification. You can also use the case to keep the guitar in normal humidity in a small environment and use a guitar humidifier.