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Upright event! The group company, scheduled for 2020, listed in Shenzhen!

Michael 2017-07-05 16:10:52

May 17, 2017, Guizhou Zheng An Ji He Industrial Co., Ltd., officially announced in the industrial park was established. This is a multi-guitar business integration, and strive to 2020 in Shenzhen GEM listed a comprehensive group. This news one, triggering a strong response from all walks of life, look forward to the security of the "first" guitar stock was born soon!

Is a set of business, industrial, trade, education in one of the company company, its Guizhou Kay Fung Instrument Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Gimma Instrument Co., Ltd., Guizhou Gold Co., Ltd. was established in December 21, Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., Huizhou Kay Wing Instrument Co., Ltd., Huizhou Jinyun Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.

It is reported that Zheng An Ji He Industrial, is a global positioning of the guitar brand manufacturers, mainly to provide high-quality and professional production to meet the global demand for high-quality guitar products and exquisite life expectations. As a quality guitar and music life advocates, will continue in the production management, logistics, marketing, service consulting and other aspects of process change and management.

Even more exciting is:. Zheng An Ji He Industrial, is running on the listing of the market to 2017 to 2018 is mainly strategic planning, improve the company's financial system, factory technological innovation, the creation of electric guitar factory and other 2018 years to 2019 years to prepare the IPO Project, for the application in Shenzhen in 2002 small board listed.

This is not a small guitar business, is the security of this "Chinese guitar manufacturing town," the perfect complement from the "guitar manufacturing town" to "guitar culture town" perfect transformation. Plans to invest in guitar professional education, involving guitar manufacturing, guitar playing, guitar sales, guitar repair and other intermediate technical schools.

Baotuan development, resource integration, industry focus! Several companies in the direction of the IPO to the direction of development! Road slowly, they explode up and down together. This is the gospel of his business, from the Chinese guitar prince Zheng Chuan Jiu, to Guizhou guitar electric business mythology Zhao Shan, and then today is the security of his industry, is the guitar industry, full of thorns, full of doubt on the road of business, brave forward!