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Why do we learn guitar and 90% of people don’t know the benefits of learning guitar

2018-03-15 16:03:25
Music is a door that opens up people's thinking in the image and creative thinking. Children who have been educated in good music since childhood can find the key to open this door faster.

As we all know, the guitar is known as the prince of the musical instrument, and it is also known as the world's three famous musical instruments, such as piano and violin. It is favored by music lovers all over the world. The top leader of more than one country has publicly expressed his love of guitar.

Do you know why guitar is so popular? According to the survey, compared with ordinary children, children who have studied guitar in childhood are more flexible and more agile. Today, let us come together to learn the benefits of guitar.

The threshold is not high, the benefits are not small

According to the survey, in the current field of guitar training, 71% of learners are primary and secondary school students. Among them, more than half of the children said that they are very willing to learn guitar, and have learned a lot of fun in the process of guitar learning. The children who have had contact with the guitar in the system know that although the time for learning the guitar is not long, the popular songs that you like can basically be accompanied by guitars and you can perform the show at the class cascading party with great sense of accomplishment.

Through scientific experiments, it has been proved that the movement of the fingers is the basis of children's intellectual development. Learning to play the guitar must be performed with both hands, which can increase the flexibility of each finger.

Everyone knows that the brain is the commander of the human body. The more complex and skilled the movements of the fingers, the stronger the connection with the brain. In other words, when people do more regular finger exercises when they are young, they can fully exercise the function of the brain and develop the potential of the brain as early as possible, making them more sensitive and intelligent.

The children who learn guitar are not only flexible in their fingers, but also coordinate with their left and right hands, which can effectively promote the development of the brain. This is one of the important reasons why parents strongly support their children to learn guitar.

Easy to use the foundation

There is a big difference between learning guitar and learning other instrumental music. That is: If you have a certain musical foundation, it can be effective in about half a year.

Generally speaking, children aged 5 to 7 can begin to learn guitar as long as they understand basic cultural knowledge. If you know Arabic numbers, you can learn about notation; if you know English letters, you can learn to tune; if you like to listen to any kind of music, you have a certain amount of influence and you can start guitar learning.

In general, once a week, once a week, one hour to one and a half hours, the child can learn basic guitar playing methods after learning six months.

Ultra-low investment High returns

Compared to large instruments such as pianos and drums, guitars are undoubtedly very portable, and the cost of a mid-range guitar is not too high, which can meet the children's long learning.

Note: too cheap guitar is not desirable! ! Learning the musical instrumental tones is very important. If you are too cheap to buy a low-grade guitar, the sound will be inaccurate, and it will easily affect the child's learning process.

Why do we learn guitar and 90% of people don’t know the benefits of learning guitar

Competitive learning

When you first begin to learn guitar, it is best to have a professional teacher so that you have a correct understanding of how to learn music. Generally speaking, one-to-many guitar learning is more suitable because in this teaching mode, students are more motivated after having a healthy competition.

In the case of once-a-week classes, beginners should ensure that they practice for about half an hour each day so that they can be improved in a short period of time. When you are practicing, you need to be highly focused, careful, and use your hands and brains together; in this case, the child will naturally enter the learning state, slowly develop an excellent learning attitude, and can use the energy to meet future learning. task.

The guitar is a very technical performing art and it needs to work overtime and training. No matter how tedious and painstaking it may be in long learning, as long as it persists, it will help them to acquire knowledge and skills from an early age. It must have perseverance and persistence is victory.

In short, learning guitar needs to read a large number of excellent guitar works. Through long-term hard training and the influence of classic music, not only can children have rich emotions, cheerful emotions, and improve their musical appetites; they can also cultivate their strong will and create tenacity. Aggressive quality, face any difficulties with a positive attitude.