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Zakk Wylde's tone of voice

Michael 2017-12-08 10:24:00
For guitarists, good timbre not only makes you more recognizable, but also adds extra points to your performance. So many guitarists have embarked on the road of exploration of sound no return. However, there are one thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. What kind of timbre is good? Today let's listen to the guitarist Zakk Wylde's understanding of timbre.

"To me, less is more," Zakk said in an interview. "It's a simple art, just like there are only two kinds of people in society: either you're a bastard or you're a good person, that's the case for the speakers, or they sound like feces or they sound like Excellent."
"You just have to turn on the speakers, connect your guitar, turn all the knobs on and play, and if your first impressions are not cold, then you should turn it off, and if you need to read Brochures, or tutorials, or even elaborate student studies like NASA, then we have a big problem, buddy, good timbre or right timbre, you come from your heart and when you hear it you You know, you're right, all the devices are like the stuff in a soup, each one different, but in the end all serve the sound, "he said. "I like to hook up the effects directly to the head, so you get a fairly pure tone, and I'd rather hear the sound of the tubes in the speakers and the vibrations of the guitar wood."