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Hao Yun: a 37-year-old high school teacher with music revenge mediocre story

Michael 2017-12-07 08:27:59
A large floor to ceiling windows, painted white wooden chairs, afternoon tea time is often the most pleasant day, leisurely, quiet and good.
The lazy body, the more the ears like the brisk music, like throwing himself into the floating wind, quiet time to experience the subtle feeling of the bubble body's romantic feeling ...

Living alone for a long time, the biggest advantage is that anything can be done, a person watching a movie, a person sick, a person to the hospital, a person to eat dinner ...
The night is cool, the light is shy, no one is talking too long dinner, how to eat also eat endless, sweet air humid, people think straight to sleep.

All along, I quite like Hao Yun's song, relaxed, playful, stubborn surface, but the bones always show people in good faith, not slick, not sticky.
Today, I know about Hao Yun's two or three things.
Hao Yun chance of touching music is very interesting. At the age of thirteen, a guy with a guitar bombs all day to listen to Hao Yun sister, and finally one day my sister was impressed, then the guitar will inevitably be idle. Hao Yun think this thing is very interesting, then took it carefully to play, did not expect to get out of control.
Parents are very supportive of this. They think that adolescent boys do not stir up trouble and do not give chaos to the family. It is always a good thing. Not to mention that learning a piece of musical instrument can be considered as a talent project.

Do not know Hao Yun is not considered a precocious boy, 19 years old, he had been in the middle school of Beijing Dance Academy as a teacher, when the largest class in the class only two years younger than him.
Teach those days, Hao Yun stay long hair, riding a modified motorcycle to go to school, the accelerator was stepped on the roar. He had all said proudly: "My class students never set a table, I heard my car wash to the classroom is not too late!"

Dance Academy children are very clever, can always come up with a variety of "Xiao Yin trick." This is the right Hao Yun's temper, he often talked about the days of fighting wits with students, such a time is 6 years.
Six years later, Hao Yun left the school and became a music director at a film company, becoming a very standard worker.

Working life is not suitable for him, every day to go six or seven minutes of the road, but also take the subway to work, crowd crowded subway station, and some carrying lunch boxes, and some carry a briefcase, look numb, headless expressionless.
Soon, he resigned the job, set up a personal studio. Facts have proved that Hao Yun did a good job, live recording, songwriting, arranger mix, he did everything impressive.

Only he often felt in a trance, he felt like standing behind the scenes, regardless of how much contribution, the result is always less than or equal to that person standing in front of the stage. So, he made a desperate decision - to make a piece of their own record!
7 months, sleep no more than 4 hours a day, Hao Yun locked himself in the room behind closed doors, in this extremely self-torturing state, he completed the creation, arranger and recording part.

This time, he realized there was a bigger problem waiting for him - he did not mix experience. He spent a full 14 months trying to remix, feeling the stones across the river and finally saving his savings when it was finally finalized.
This album is what we can hear later, "Hao Yun Beijing." Because of the record quality, Universal Music took less than a month to complete a contract with Hao Yun.
Hao Yun really most people know is after he boarded the Spring Festival Gala. Although many people say that Hao Yun was a dark horse in the Spring Festival that year, but Hao Yun himself did not think so.
He said: "I did not experience this kind of thing like a terrible overnight landing and I did not experience this mentality." Someone once commented on him: Dormant for so many years, although not experienced any storms, But he has long learned honor and shame.

Have this chat with Hao Yun and Song Dong wild talk about this thing, he asked Song Dong Ye fame overnight expansion feeling in the end what? Song Dongnao laughed, mercilessly patted him and said: "Cloud Columbia you do not know, it feels good!"
Today, Hao Yun is still active in the arena. He said that while enjoying more material enjoyment, he places a greater emphasis on the bottom line of his career and enjoys his own state without changing. Do not want to become bottomless, become a person who has no standard, no bottom line.
The fact is true, money where this thing can be enough, the desire to expand the speed will always be more than when the feeling. So it's not surprising that he could write a song like "Dali."

"Since I am unhappy and do not want to be here, I'd better go all the way to Dali." This sentence has been kept in my heart and I have never forgotten ...

Since I am unhappy and do not want to be here ...
Later, I really went to Dali, met Choi Wan, gorgeous girl girl, there has never met the beautiful mood.
At this point, the afternoon has passed by half, think I should also prepare dinner. What to eat for dinner? What are good, glass floor to ceiling windows, pedestrians have been integrated into a blue ...