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One out of every seven guitars in the world comes from Zheng'an, Guizhou.

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You can't imagine that one-seventh of the guitars sold in the international market are produced in a small county in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province.
In the depths of the mountains in Guizhou, there is a place called Zheng'an County and the seemingly unrelated guitars are actually connected together.
The majestic Lou Mountain stands tall, and the rolling hibiscus competes for the flow. Zheng'an County is located in the northeast of Zunyi, at the eastern foot of the Dalou Mountains and the upper reaches of the Furong River. It is known as the "Gateway to Northern Guizhou".
Zheng'an is known as the "Gateway to Northern Guizhou" and is located at the junction of Chongqing's "One-Hour Economic Circle" and "Central Guizhou Industrial Belt". It is an ecological barrier and a key development area for the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the main stream of the Wujiang River.
Today's Zheng'an is the hometown of guitars in China, with an annual production and sales of more than 6 million guitars, with an output value of over 6 billion yuan. Zheng'an Guitar has accounted for one-fifth of the national production and sales volume and one-seventh of the world's. It is the largest and most concentrated guitar production base in the country and even the world.
Even Jack Ma praised Zheng'an Guitar, which created a magical record of selling 7,000 guitars in two hours during the "Double 11" online shopping festival. The 43-episode TV series "Guitar Brothers" broadcast by CCTV is also based on the Zheng Chuanjiu brothers.
In 8 years, Zhengan has built the most concentrated, standardized and largest guitar production base in China and even in the world, and has become the "hometown of guitar manufacturing in China".

popping the world
The international nature of guitars is destined to bring Zhengan Guitar to the world stage.

Every year, 70% of Zhengan guitars are sold all over the world, including dozens of countries such as the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, accounting for 20% of the Asian market, 30% of the American market, and 40% of the Brazilian market. Zhengan has become a veritable name. guitar "World Factory".

Zheng'an Guitar not only lifted Zheng'an County out of poverty, but also appeared on the screen of Times Square in New York, allowing the world to hear the voice of Guizhou.

At present, Zheng'an is not only the largest guitar production base in the country, but also the largest guitar OEM in the world. Among the world's top 10 well-known guitar brands, there are 6 brands including Fanta, Ibana, and Yamaha.

However, the profit of OEM is meager and not stable enough, and the pricing power is completely in the hands of foreign brands. Zheng'an's factory price of 1,000 yuan for international first-line brand guitars can be sold for more than 10,000 yuan from overseas.

Zheng'an people gradually realized that building an independent national guitar brand is a long-term strategy. Driven by Divine Comedy and Zheng Chuanjiu, Zheng'an County Guitar Industrial Park has begun to build its own brand and change the single OEM order model for guitars.
A master studio has been built in the park, and dozens of high-level production masters at home and abroad have been introduced, and more than 20 independent brands of "high-end customization" have been developed. The unit price can be sold for tens of thousands or even more than 100,000.

With Guitar Plaza, Guitar School, Guitar Museum, Guitar Hotel, the world's best fiberglass concert hall, the largest guitar exhibition hall... Zheng'an is also preparing to hold world-class guitar exhibitions and guitar music festivals.
Not satisfied with the hometown of guitar manufacturing, Zhengan's future goal is the hometown of guitars and the city of world music.