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Maintenance methods for solid and all solid guitars

Michael 2018-01-16 08:52:52
1. Winter, spring humidification:
     Keep the air humidity between 40% -60%, air humidity below 40%, plate shrinkage, guitar wood easy to burst. Every spring, winter is most in need of attention. Cold winter weather, air conditioning, heating, spring dry, windy, low humidity, humidification.
2. Summer dry:
    Summer air humidity is too high, please pro desiccant placed in the body of the piano to prevent guitar deformation, rusty metal parts.
   * It is forbidden to place the sun on the balcony, rain
   * It is forbidden to place the winter in the heating, the fireplace and the air conditioner
   * Do not place the guitar on the vents
   The above places are likely to cause sheet burst
4. To prevent the extrusion, impact, to avoid damage.
    Seasonal changes have different ways of maintenance, climate change can not be controlled, due to poor maintenance caused by the blasted sheet is not covered by the warranty, please be sure to keep the pro, have a good piano to treat her Yo!