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Acoustic guitar can play so?

Jack 2017-11-04 07:58:01

Did I not see the same stare as I did? The presenter used LAVA ME to play high-speed barking lines, usually on electric guitars. So fast phrase, playing on the acoustic guitar actually seems to ease. I did not expect ballad guitar can play such a high speed bit. It is also thanks to the LAVA ME specially designed neck and fingerboard. I do not know if anyone noticed that the LAVA ME's fingerboard position was all up. And according to the official propaganda, the guitar also completely eliminates the dovetail of the neck (the carbon fiber is hard enough), leaving enough space for the hand to play in the high position. So even though the LAVA ME is a rounded guitar, you can play fingerboard areas that can not be reached with ordinary folk corners, and it can be said that all the fingerboard positions can easily be played, The same guitar. This can be said to really solve the solo guitar SOLO a big pain.

It is obvious to tell you that LAVA ME's specially designed fingerboard is used for full fingerboard play, but I believe more than just one, and most of the energy is still on the LAVA ME's voice. I repeatedly read several times, carefully listening to each tone. Clear, transparent solid my criticism of LAVA ME SOLO's tone. I do not know if this and LAVA ME breathing net volume is also directly related to, but the carbon fiber material tone can still give a praise!

Advances in technology make things constantly evolving in our hands, and whether such musical instruments as guitars would have been better if there was an increase in technology? LAVA ME is really strong enough, but less of our previous memories and nostalgia.
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