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Jack 2017-11-02 07:52:51
Guitar pickup, is the electric guitar (bass) in the vibration signal into electrical signals device, play the function of the microphone. Divided into active pickup and passive pickup two. Passive pickup with the raw material is a magnet bar, in the push when the string if not a good pickup, it is easy to lose sound.
Passive pickup is the need to adjust his height if you need some relatively heavy or strong sound then put your pickup up is the best way but there is a standard if your pickup if it is too high, then not only make the sound better But will affect the sound, such as playing the sound of such products will appear there is a little trick to tell you how to adjust the height of the pickup that is to measure the height of the pickup method to take a way to adjust the bridge height or octave wrench With your fingers to hold the first 24 or 21 items with the wrench's head Try to pass through the space between the neck pickup and the strings If you wear your pickup to lower some If you can just pass that show you The height of the pickup has been at the limit and can no longer be elevated. The standard for such a piano bridge pickup is to allow the two wrenches to pass through the head
While the active pickup material and passive type is not the same active pickup with a magnetic stripe magnet
Kind of magnet power loss of the situation is not very clear so the requirements of the height is not so much we do not have to deliberately to adjust

Passive pickup with the raw material is the magnet bar in the push when the string if it is not a good pickup is easy to lose the sound is bad sound effect so we should pay attention to these problems.

Active pickup to solve a lot of noise on the issue so many companies are competing to develop the active pickup and active pickup work is also very simple he put the original power weakened so that your pickup will be reduced noise can be such a voice will be Change the engineers in the pickup and add a equivalent of a class power amplifier class of things to enlarge the sound so you will feel the pickup is very loud but the noise is small This is the working principle of the active pickup is generally good bass or sound changes more The bass is also a lot of he needs a strong bass powerful power there is the need to give the circuit power supply to support these pickups so many brands have active pickup like WARWICK MEC pickups he needs the battery to give the tone circuit power supply circuit more noise The greater the chances that they can only choose to take the initiative to pick up this method This is WARWICK a feature that can simulate a variety of bass sound and electric guitar is more simple he only need to reduce the noise so you can find those who like the clean sound Such as the speed of death Or the high distortion of the guitarist will choose the active pickup SEYMOUR DUNCAN has a call LIVEWIRE pickup that he is in the product catalog describes the power: the pickup power in this book can not find the meaning of this pickup is the output power The amazing is suitable for super heavy metal music, but I personally think that or EMG pickup in this area to do quite good both in the metal field or other types of music are playing well and SD in the passive pickup field unique kind of original with The sound of the crop is the favorite of many masters.