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Self-learning guitar methods and procedures

Michael 2017-12-05 08:32:59
1, first understand the guitar, learn the basic knowledge of guitar.
2, the guitar has a violin, the bottom is the most detailed one string, followed by the second string --- six lines.
3, guitar left chord press area, a grid of lattice that is the guitar products, the first grid is a product, down two products ... ... Between the product and the product is the pillar of pillars.
4, then the basic posture of playing guitar can search online for relevant guitar playing video, see how others get the guitar, see more videos, imitate the video in the guitar position can be, this is not difficult.
5, the right finger is divided into decomposed chords and strumming chords, broken chords thumb tube 4, 5, 6 strings, the index finger tube 3 strings, the middle finger tube 2 strings, ring finger tube 1 string, strum string with the index finger thumbs naturally on the index finger The second joint, other fingers to relax, sweeping strings to use the wrist flexible, only arm strength is wrong.
6, the left chord is divided into A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Am, etc., specifically you need to search the Internet related fingering laws, here only talk about methods, these chords we need to hold the left hand, Related chords.
7, guitar tuning, if you are a beginner, you can find selling guitar tuning tone, or related friends usually help tuning, if you can not buy a tuner, only the pitch, there are only pop-up Effect, this is very important.
8, practice guitar, if you have friends with a bomb is a good idea, if not Then you can find a few favorite songs, search online for the relevant six strings, for beginners, the main number of chords to be less and simple, You see, how many times the chord of the song is not repeated, it is best to control the songs in chords of about 4 to 5, such as: Wu Bai crying people, Huang Jiaju really love you are very suitable for beginners to learn.
9, the left hand with the first left-hand chords with the first practice, with the right hand slide out of the sound can be, the whole song to complete the feeling get down, the main practice left hand, and so on the left hand chord has been very skilled in the practice with the right finger slowly bomb , Play a song every day, until you are very skilled, very complete, can play while singing, in the next song, you feel very easy to learn the next song.
10, many of my friends started very enthusiastic, can not insist, a long time to buy the guitar became a decoration, so learn guitar, to insist that it is best to learn together with the guitar's friends, mutual exchange and growth faster , Usually take a look at the video, learn the rhythm of others, a song can play a different style, insist on playing it.