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British famous speaker brand Laney history introduction

Michael 2017-12-13 14:34:57
In the mid-1960s, there was a young bassist in Britain called Lyndon Laney, who likes to smash the equipment. In West Midlands, he performed with many local bands, most notably "The Band of Joy" (drummer John Bonham, lead singer Robert Plant). A few years later, the area of ​​Birmingham and West Midlands was known as the "hometown of metals," and a large number of outstanding guitarists emerged. Later, "Home Of Metal" set up a special page, for metal lovers to provide a place to interact with each other.

At that time, Lyndon had a strong interest in woodworking and electronics, but he joked "it was just because I did not have the money to buy it," so the first Laney speaker was born in his father's garden shed. Speakers done very well, beautiful sound and the price is moderate, more and more people around him please help him make a speaker. Soon, Lyndon was overwhelmed by various orders, including guitar, bass and vocal speakers.

The original interest into an instant business.
To meet the needs, Lyndon needs a team and a factory. In September 1967, Laney was officially launched at the Csutard plant in Giethoorn, Birmingham.
In March 1968, Lyndon's close friend Robert Plant purchased a Laney PA. A few months later, Led Zeppelin's first album came out. He used the PA in his original piece, and has been used since Led Zeppelin's first U.S. tour. In the eyes of fans, Robert and Laney have become inseparable.
Laney continues to grow and develop, inextricably linked to future superstar Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath).
Black Sabbath released his second album "Paranoid" in 1970, while Tony started his longtime relationship with Laney. Laney speakers appear more frequently on major stages.

Time flies, and now Laney has become more powerful, more and more spokesmen, more and more product lines. Lyndon has created a great team, with its excellent management wisdom, courage and enthusiasm for music led the brand continues to be committed to technology development and innovation, Laney from small garden workshop developed into today's world-renowned brands .

In 2004, Laney built its own office tower in West Midlands and relocated its headquarters there. The new headquarters opening ceremony was moderated by Tony Iommi.
Lyndon is humble, always quietly behind the scenes, focusing on the product, "let the spotlight focus on the real rock star," he said.

Today, Laney's products have been sold to more than 60 countries around the world, numerous awards, a large family of spokesmen, has become the industry leader. The technology and style of the guitar are evolving rapidly. Laney has not stopped the pace of innovation. The product has always attracted a variety of big-name players including Randy Rhoads, Vinnie Moore, Warren Di Martini, Ace Frehley, Vinnie Vincent, Robert Plant, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Andy Timmons, Frank Gambale, Francesco Artusato, Mattias "IA" Eklundh, Christophe Godin, The Commander in Chief, Kill Switch Engage, Neon Trees, Martin Miller, Tom Quayle et al.

Today, Lyndon has retired, but still leads Laney as chairman. And what makes Lyndon the most proud is that his son, James Laney, started his business in 2002 and officially became CEO in 2015.