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How to learn guitar in 20 hours?

2017-12-12 09:15:32
Thousands of hours theory has swept the world, but spent 10,000 hours training out, are world-class master or gold medalist. If the skill level is like a mountain, for ordinary people, to the top of the mountain is both time-consuming and not necessarily pleasing, halfway up the landscape has been great. Moreover, the world can have a few Mozart, but also how many Kobe?
Sure learning is not the first in the world, a lot of things will become easier. The latest study found that learning the same new skills, only 20 hours.

For example, the final exam to pass the university exam, you only need surprise review two weeks; but want to test scores, you need to learn at least half a semester.

Spring is the efficiency of learning residue, is that experience - life is very short, the world is great, we can not be proficient, but can understand a little. If you do not want to continue doing only laughable laymen, then try to master the quick learning methods and ideas, there are three main steps:

(A) understand:

Understand the next thing to learn, for the guitar, the guitar must be composed of what, as shown below -

Guitar Structure (Easy) Guitar Structure (Easy)

Guitar structure (easy)

For the sake of understanding, this is the most concise and intuitive structure of electric / acoustic guitar. Do not remember too much, just know what part of what is called, the principle of what is sound.

Guitar is a plucked instrument, a total of six strings, also known as the violin. Dial the strings, strings vibrate and sound, sound from the sound hole into the box to resonate.

Guitars can be divided into veneer guitars and plywood guitars, veneer guitars made from a single piece of natural wood, with better sound quality and higher selling prices. The market now starts at $ 3,000. Novice best use less than 300 yuan guitar transition, Wang Sicong can ignore this option.

(B) decomposition:

20 hours, 30 lessons, 40 minutes each lesson to focus on practice.

In other words, within a month, every day out of 40 minutes, you can learn guitar.

1, physiological adaptation stage:

① learn the correct posture, 5 minutes;

Preliminary explain the initial explanation

Preliminary explanation

② search [love romance simple guitar guitar spectrum] Practice three days, the effect is that you can smooth the pop-up triple effect and simple left-handed conversion;

Love of Romance The Romance of Romance

love romance

③ search 【Amorphophallus Am string music guitar spectrum】 practice two days, the effect is easy to play singing barrier-free;

Identification of knowledge spectrum

Knowledge spectrum

④ Learn the left hand to practice four basic chords (C chord, Am chord, F major chord, G chord), and at the same time with the right hand practice 53231323 (a string for the most string, guitar) decomposition chord rhythm, Other chords can search by themselves, do not go into details), as shown -

First practice left hand conversion 15 minutes, and then practice right hand decomposition action 10 minutes, the last left and right hands to coordinate practice 15 minutes.

Repeat for six days, and play "Do you know I'm waiting for you?" [Search: "You know I'm waiting for you guitar spectrum" picture can be]. The target effect: a. The left hand finger cocoon, press the chord is no longer painful; b smooth transition chord, steady rhythm, unhurried; c. Playing singing, the human voice does not rush pat, not slow pat.

Many skills are just repetitions of details. Must be focused, the complex action first disassembled into a simple action repeated training to proficiency, the next one, and finally combined to practice.

It is not recommended for children to learn guitar, because the guitar should be forced to chord, the stage of skeletal development is easy to make the finger deformation.

2, rhythm and right hand training:

The sea tactics, since the chords have been cooked in the heart, began to use a new rhythm, different chord combinations to train their playing skills. -

Reference Practice Tracks Reference Practice Tracks

Reference practice track

Choose one of two training can be. If you have a score of "no more than 6 chords, nice to hear" (eg "Leo", "Does anyone tell you"), you can pick up only two exercises, one easy (like "wish"), one More difficult (eg "no longer hesitant").

Focus on training for eight days, the target effect: the rhythm of the control of a smooth, natural chord conversion, singing will not be ridiculous (beat and pitch accurate), playing and synchronized concert coordination, the whole song sounds subtle.

3, large horizontal chord:

After 19 days of intensive training, you will find that your fingers do not hurt anymore and your strings are confident. It is time to use frustration to make you work harder, many people practicing guitar on this can not be over and give up.

Big cross refers to guitar playing with your index finger holding down all six strings, is a guitar learning skills, but also an important watershed. Commonly used large horizontal chords for the F chords and Bm chords.

To F chord, for example, the conversion of the first press the middle finger to the middle finger as the base point, press and hold the back of the neck of the center of the thumb, while a cross-press index finger and only by a chord ring finger and tail finger at the same time by the chord.

F chord meaning F chord meaning

F chord meaning

When first practicing, the index finger strength is insufficient, can not press the fingerboard, resulting in guitar mute. This is normal, do not be discouraged, you can find a good video teaching materials, repeat training. Failure, comeback, failure, and then come back, do not have to take the failure seriously, try to spend 10 seconds at a time. Slowly, the power of the index finger will keep up.

When the index finger into the state, we must look at the coordination between the other fingers. The key is to find the thumb on the back of the position, once learned essentials, others can be solved. The error rate of 10% for the pass line. Method properly, two days will; can not get the essentials, two or three years will not. Even though it will be more practice a few days to consolidate, so this level is estimated to take about five days.

4, fingering:

From the first decomposition step, review your own practice income, identify deficiencies and focus on practice;

Continue to learn new tracks such as "Childhood," "Birch Forest," "Girl," "Feel Your Emotion," and "At Your Table."

Practice the beginning of the song's prelude, such as "contentment", "ten years", "you know I'm waiting for you", "the moon represents my heart" and other prelude, pure guitar pop accompaniment and theme melody.

The last six days of the goal: a review of the old song, a new song, two prelude to fingering.

Summary: The first off - the fingers from the cocoon; the second off - chord conversion; the third off - rhythm; the first ④ off - large horizontal press; the first ⑤ off - the prelude to fingering. After five passes, you surpass most people who do not have a guitar.