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Practice basic skills, you are half a guitarist

2017-12-14 14:25:29
First, to learn the piano must have attitude, practice must have a system.

Attitude (If you start trying to learn the piano, you are sure to be attracted by this instrument and still like it very much, then the attitude is very important, want to learn do not hesitate, do not try anyone do not know what to do. Determination, learn to learn, to not learn, buy clothes better than good.)

System (regardless of learning any knowledge, as long as contact learning, there are hard, hard, adhere to the argument .System said, practicing the piano to give yourself an effective time to practice the piano and the degree of completion of the job, to persevere, three days This method does not work for fishing for two days, every day must practice the piano, what can happen to the instrument, continue to mechanize, the progress will be very fast)

Second, the basic skills should be solid, can only continue to improve

Basic skills (I have seen a microblogging, the picture is a ballet girl, a senior dancer commented written! Practice basic skills, you are half a dancer .This enough to see that the basic skills is very important, If you practice basic skills, it is half a guitarist.)

Third, to practice well, the method is essential

Method (in fact, speaking of the method is the effective time of your own practice, what is effective time.When you especially want to play the piano, or the mood is high, full of power to practice the piano, the effect will be obvious, not at the same time when you feel lost, and melancholy When the pressure is not suitable to practice the piano, but bouncing songs can relax attitude.This is a scientific method, the study is not deep.

Fourth, do not understand will have to ask, be modest and studious

Modestly studious (learned knowledge, ask questions if you do not know, or find out where you are, do not hesitate, do not be embarrassed. Maybe that you do not know becomes your problem)

Fifth, with the instructor, often can not change

Insist on (teaching in each field of industry, have different teaching methods and unique ways. Enlightenment teacher is very important, you learn to adapt to his teaching methods and classes, often for teachers not only affect the attitude towards learning in the future There is pressure in the heart of the learner, and the most difficult to adapt to this problem, maybe just adapt and adapt to another method, the impact will be great !!)

        Basic knowledge of the initial point of practice, the right hand plucked accurate, strengthen the speed and intensity. The left hand, the plaid so-called quadrupedal, fingering accurate, enhanced timbre clean, speed and agility. Right and left hand with, tone scale no problem, strengthen the rhythm exercises, melody integrity, and music, music, chord conversion practice, play the integrity of the song and track volume. This is the most basic exercise before you learn to strum! ! !