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Eleven outstanding musicians with disabilities / disabilities

Michael 2017-12-15 09:05:41
I see the headline, I believe most people mind the first must have popped the famous pop metal Def Leppard band drummer Rick Allen, the fans were called "Thunder God" drummer, even if the loss of the left hand, but still struggling Beat, drumming. Today we elect eleven musicians, some of them are born, some are acquired, but these physical defects, there is no way to hinder their music. (Egg always in the end, we must see the last oh ~)

Tony Iommi
Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. At the age of 17, Tony Iommi, a factory worker, lost a knuckle on his right middle finger and ring finger for an accident. However, he did not give up on himself, still with his solitary, thick and thick guitar sound, to create the legend of the Black Sabbath.

Rick Allen
Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen. Because of a car accident, Rick Allen lost his entire left hand forever, but he did not regress. He worked hard to adapt to the fact that there was only one arm, rearranged the position of the drum, found the most suitable way for him, and continued to be the drummer of the Def Leppard band. And Def Leppard's lead singer also said: "Seriously, after he lost an arm, but played better than when he had two hands, I think it was adversity honed him and made him even more up One floor. "

Jerry Garcia
Grateful Dead band guitarist Jerry Garcia. Childhood, in an accident, was his brother's ax cut his right middle finger, from his right hand middle finger left only one knuckle, almost equal to nothing. However, he became a guitarist of Grateful Dead for thirty years (1965-1995). In addition, he was named the thirteenth place by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the "100 Best Guitarists of The Day" His excellent performance inspires numerous guitarists. So look around playing band friends, always for their own excuse, said: "I finger too thick, not playing properly", do not know if they ever thought, these names left the history of the guitarist, if Your fingers are not broken, their achievements can go up, but you are complaining about the finger too thick here! ? Well, think about it.

Sammy Davis Jr.
1954, because of a motorcycle accident, causing him to lose his left eye, but you know? Through his untiring efforts, he finally became a great singer, dancer and even an actor later, with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (both of whom are well-known stars in the world) and others In the same generation on an equal footing. He also won the Grammy "Lifetime Achievement Award", and in 2002 was admitted to the "Grammy Hall of Fame." Remnants of the best portrayal of waste, it is worth all of us to follow suit, a less left-eyed people can be so positive and energetic upward, not to mention our eyes full of us?

Django Reinhardt
The jazz legend guitarist, who burned his left hand in a fire in 1928, also caused a contraction of the "tendons" of his left ring finger and his little finger, making it impossible for him to open his fingers like most people did. However, his name is widely known, depends on what? It is his perseverance and relentlessness. He used his normal fingers as much as possible, and as a result, he developed his own style of play that was unique to the world and did not learn or play.

James "Munky" Shaffer
Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer. The new metal dominates Korn's veteran, the 26th among the top 100 metal guitarists, and has sold more than 35 million albums with Korn, but you know, his left index finger is less Finger? Can you hear when you listen to him playing the guitar? He is full of creativity, explosive power, superb skillful performance, how many people with perfect limbs can not?

Paul Stanley
Lead singer and guitarist Paul Stanley of the classic rock KISS band. Under the scary appearance of Paul Stanley, fancy agile clothing, there is an unknown bitter story. Paul Stanley is naturally born with the disease of the deformity of the ear, the so-called "small ear syndrome," causing his right ear to be almost completely free of cartilage, and only a few cartilages also have very, very deformities. In his primary school, he was not as popular as the stage, his classmates ridiculed, humiliated, and even deaf in front of him. These were commonplace. Even after school, he had to go home with a school bag because if he walked too far Slow, it will be around the class learn to tease, push. For him, this life painful to him, I do not know how to be good. As you know, patients with small ears such as him can easily distinguish the source and direction of the sound, so he often does not know where they are, and therefore is often bullied by his classmates.

This childhood, let him develop a home stay habits, he likes to listen to music at home, only to wear headphones, can let him temporarily forget the pain and cruel real life. He is said to love the music of Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others. When he was seven years old, he got a guitar as a birthday present. Then he met Gene Simmons (KISS band bassist, KISS band so far only Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are veterans), his best friend and partner in life, Gene Simmons did not despise him because of Paul Stanley's disability, Instead, Paul Stanley found a unique identity. Then you know the rest of the story, is not it? Paul Stanley sang "God Gave Rock n Roll To You," and I think he was singing his own story, and he thanked God for giving him rock music.

Leslie West
Mountain lead singer / guitarist Leslie West. In 2011, Leslie West had to amputate his right foot because of diabetes. But I did not expect him to release a solo album last year, the name of the album is to listen to the tears, called "Still Climbing" (still up). Like a symbol of him even less a foot, but he still want, and will still continue to climb up. What I want to say is that if such a spirit is not a rock spirit, what is the spirit of rock? This is the Real Rock n 'Roll SOUL !!!!!!

Mark Goffeney
Big Toe singer and guitarist (and sometimes even bassist) Mark Goffeney. Mark Goffeney, born with no two hands, relies on his determination and determination to learn how to play guitar and bass with his feet and build a band that has always been known as "Big Toe". ? He did not give up because of natural disability, but with such a self-deprecating group name, let yourself shine in the music world. In 1999, he released the album of the same name, great acclaim.

Maybe Mark Goffeney is the most famous on the list, but his talent, but also let him lean legend, you want to find a musician like him, I think it is extremely difficult. Looking at Mark Goffeney, you should know that the so-called Rock n 'Roll is really ubiquitous in response to KISS's "God Gave Rock n Roll To You," and I think one of the most valuable things God has given us is rock music It!

Victor "Moulty" Moulton
At age fourteen, he lost his left hand because of an accident, but he never did so. He coolly put a "iron clip" on his left hand to hold the drum stick and keep hitting it. His knock on the beat knocked out "Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl" this song to capture the best-selling songs in various countries. He even took the initiative with the band members wrote the song called "Moutly" song, the accident of his left hand, with funny lyrics, compose songs. Rock undead, people without a hand can play out some world, let alone have a pair of hands, right?

Justin Bieber
At the age of fifteen, Justin Biebe lost in the entertainment industry because of his premature reputation, causing him to lose his brain and shame. With these two kinds of disability, young Justin did not give up on themselves ... ... He is completely let go of their own degenerate deep no grudge. He called marijuana, ten prostitutes in one night, drunk driving and lost eggs to his neighbors' house. He did not give up himself because he had lost his brain and shame. He is brave, very hard, very generous to tell the world: "Yeah hey hey ~ ~ Yo, I have no brain and no shame. Hey ~ ~ ~ ~". Even without a brain, no shame, so what? He was really adored by the music that scared the bears to scare off, won the music awards without knowing a few, and the albums were sold out of the tens of millions of pieces. Once you see someone actually can be self-righteous to this point, even if he has no shame, no brain, but he still can stand in this world, Bravo, Justin Bieber!

Well, this is one of today's eleven musicians (the last one I do not know), who have never given up on themselves even though the body has a great flaw (the last one is to give up and can not give up ), Continue to inspire the energy of music, to pay tribute to those great ROCKER, but also to the last one of the great Second Two acts tribute!