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The most horrific thirteen rock band or singer in history

Michael 2017-12-18 10:51:43
Everyone knows the super stealth technique of the famous rebellious rock star Marilyn Manson and some horrifying and crazy acts he has done in the past. Is not Manson so horrifyingly scary? of course not! In the history of music, there are many orchestras in which horror lets you listen to their music and watch them perform as nightmares. Paste Magazine picks some of the more well-known and distinctive themes to choose from, and so many horrifying blacks Death band is not on the list, please read only with a relaxed mood, the following translation of Paste Magazine for you column. (Ladies and gentlemen, please read the companionship ~)

Traditional classic rock and roll big brother, the development so far KISS may have become a novelty representative, the album sold in the world, almost everyone will sing the "Rock and Roll" national anthem. But the real charm of KISS really at the scene! Brilliant stage with wonderful song interpretation and Gene Simmons bass fire, vomiting blood of all kinds of terrorist act.

Slipknot can go shooting horror films, nine members have a matching uniform and different masks. It is said that their lyrics have also inspired a pair of killers and a tomb raider, coupled with their violent aesthetics music videos and chaotic scene, making them more horrible than a group of masked orchestra.

It is also part of the Mask Corps. Compared to other masks orchestra, Gwar has a more crazy style and live performances, each member has a very strange name, such as Oderus Urungus or Sleazy P. Martini. And their on-site furnishings are also very distinctive, and sometimes even include President Bush to Lady Gaga, when the audience is often covered with fake blood or even more horrible things.

Rammstein from Germany got popular in the United States with a classic Du Hast, but that's just the beginning. One of the band's MVs caused much controversy over pornography (do not ask me which one I do not know), and the band was also arrested on the spot at Family Values ​​due to their Flames on the stage caused many spectators to burn.

9.Aphex Twin
Richard David James, who made his debut on Aphex Twin and became the most horrific electronic music singer, was horrified with his MV 'Windowlicker' and 'Come to Daddy' except for a ghastly smile.

Slayer is one of Thrash Metal's delegation, is also a very controversial band. They were accused of inculcating Nazi ideas, white supremacy ideas and Satanic ideas. Although the band denied these allegations, their music still sounds scary. For example, the song "Jihad" about the September 11 attacks and the banned sale of the Christian image album Cover.

7.Stalaggh & Gulaggh
Few people know Stalaggh & Gulaggh, their music seems to be audible for them, their album "Vorkuta" is described as the voice from hell, they put the child's cry and cry and mentally ill cry Music (I think this band do not know it is better ...)

For the first time listening to Eminem rap's first sentence is: "Hi kids, do you like violence?", This controversial words always hidden in the successful career of Eminem, it is between Slim Shady and his difficult to separate between. As he sings the details of his ex-wife who killed him in front of his daughter, the drug has all sorts of unimaginable crimes, and Eminem's taboo lyrics make him a scary rapper.

5.Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson is a world-renowned shock-rocker, and he basically hoped the more controversial his behavior, the better, because Manson's lyrics and images have led him to be criticized by many religious groups, but the image of Manson more and more not horrible Not to be outdone, only the smoke bombs have been left recently.

Norwegian metal band Gorgoroth is said to have made a deal between the guitarist and the devil before joining the group. At a concert in Poland, Gorgoroth put a lot of sheep's heads on wooden poles, shed about eighty liters of sheep's blood on the stage and was released after being arrested by the police because they admitted they did not know it was illegal to do so.

3.G.G. Allin & The Murder Junkies
GG Allin, who used to have laxatives before the show so he could drain on the stage and throw him on to the audience, often shows his face full of manure and blood at the end of the show. He also often says he wants to commit suicide on stage. After a performance, GG Allin was exposed to heroin overdose on her nakedness, and did not wash his body until death.

2.Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath was the first band to add the concept of black horror to lyrics and music. It goes without saying that Black Sabbath had influenced almost any of the many bands in the list, which made them so horrifying. Of course, the band has also led a Swedish man to a successful handicapped passport.

Mayhem easily won the title of the most horrific band in history, their lead singer "Dead" often self-mutilation on the stage with a knife or glass, and sometimes knife or piercing pig or sheep's head. Lead singer "Dead" later committed suicide in the forest hut, he cut his wrist and shoot himself to death, before his death wrote: "apologize to all the blood, cheers." Band member Euronymous then arrived at the scene and photographed His body and use the photo as a cover for one of the band's albums. It is reported that Euronymous ate some of the brain of "Dead" and made a necklace from pieces of skull. This is the history of the most horrible orchestra, and we also hope that in the near future no more orchestra can overtake them ...