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Female music fans in the most sexy of the twelve guitarists

Michael 2017-12-06 08:50:13
In the rock stage, rock star passionate performance, smart figure and touching melody conquered the hearts of countless girls, then which of the most fascinating musician in the minds of female guitarist it? Today for everyone to offer "the most sexy female fans in the eyes of the twelve guitarist" votes election results, so fans are involved in voting for women!

No. 12: Slash
Some girls may feel Slash's body hair is a bit more, but there are still a lot of people think he is sexy, so Slash will appear in this list. For so many years, Slash's figure has remained well, and his new album Still awesome!

11th Place: Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria)
Ben Bruce has all the elements of rock music, alcohol, girls, music and some bad habits, but his touching eyes really sexy.

10th Place: Chris Traynor (Bush)
Traynor has always been a very sexy man and his beard looks sexy except for his crazy acting on the stage.

No. 9: Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Not only does this guy play the guitar well, but he also looks handsome, leaving many girls in love with him.

No. 8: Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders)
This guy holds a cigarette in his mouth and plays an eight-string guitar in his hand, which feels too stylish.

No. 7: Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)
He not only has a wonderful voice and excellent guitar technology, Alex Turner is cute and sexy, born girl killer!

6th Place: Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake)
As shown, Doug on the stage is so tough sex, for such a man, how can the girls do not love.

5th place: Jason Mraz
He can play the piano, write songs and sing, he can always create the melody that touched the whole world, so he is really sexy and he should appear in this list.

4th Place: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
Thirty years ago, Jimmy Page was handsome and sexy. Thirty years later, the current Jimmy Page is still attractive. He is like a living rock god with a white hair and handsome still!

3rd place: Johnny Depp
When the world's sexiest man picks up the guitar he is naturally the sexiest guitarist in the world.

2nd place: Rodrigo Sánchez (Rodrigo y Gabriela)
Flying fingers, handsome face, he has a Latin unique sexy, more importantly, he and his partner Gabriela Quintero has been creating a miracle of music.

1st place: Ben King (Yardbirds)
Ben King is the king of this list, Yardbirds 2012 concert The Yardbirds to you called a classic, the whole band is so sexy, and Ben King is the king of sexy.