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Guitar is not around you can practice, try these methods!

2017-12-19 15:10:58
1. Think music - more

If necessary, keep music and guitar performance on top of your thoughts regularly to reinforce what you already know. You can also ask yourself some questions and try to give examples to illustrate your own questions. When you stimulate your subconscious, it will help you find the answer you want.

2. Understand the fingerboard

Knowing your fingerboard can make your performance more enjoyable than knowing your instrument.

There's a trick to try this out, draw a small fingerboard graphic on paper and place it in your wallet so you can bring it wherever you go. When you have two minutes of free time, you can take out this form and mark the notes for memory.

If you do not have the proper size of paper, you can use the visual contact method. Draw an image of your fingerboard in your head, then "draw" a few notes and view it.

Understand the chords

No matter how long you play the guitar, you always need to learn some new chords. More to develop some new ideas and to find some new sources of inspiration, and more to see some books on the theory of chords, using the Internet to learn or learn the chords used by excellent composers.

4. Visualization

Let any guitar skill become visualized. Visualization is a clear image reproduction in your brain that is like a real process. Saying something popular is just obscenity ... Although it may sound impractical, it has been shown to stimulate the same neural path as a real performance, so it helps to enhance your learning.

Use this method to practice chord changes and progression in your mind, scale and phrase, pod way, and entire song.

Learn songs

Take some time to stop practicing the guitar and try to get a real idea of ​​the songs you play. You can listen in your car stereo or portable music player, remember the song lyrics, and Hyun, music scores and solos sections.

Listen carefully to the drums, bass, and any other instrument playing in the song until you really understand the song from the inside out. This will develop new insights into your song and make it easier for you to play the guitar to the next level.

6. Strengthen your ears

When you hear music or some other sound on the street, you can try to hear his range relationship or explore the notes in it. For example, you could try to create a "junior chord" day and try to find a junior chord in the music you hear today.

7. Learn the score

Many self-taught guitarists ignore the ability to read and write music. You can carry some of your staff with you to "read" it when you have lunch or a bus.

8 perfect rhythm

You can beat a few fingers or both hands to practice rhythm skills. Use some fun rhythmic patterns in your guitar performance. If you have a friend around you, you can play a "copy rhythm" game, this game can well develop your listening and reaction ability