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Well-known guitarist Jack White equipment to explore the big secret

Michael 2017-12-20 09:00:25
Presumably a lot of fans and fans friends have noticed the 2012 European Cup goal music, yes, the official White Stripes most representative of the gods. Of course, you probably do not like the simple rough music form of a garage. You may not want to smash the speakers when you hear Jack White's original, piercing guitar sound, but you have to admit that he is the most successful and influential today One of the guitarists. His simple, direct, retro-inspired music has given many new fans the choice of rock-and-roll rock-and-roll guitars.
Let's first taste this song.

Can not help but remember after hearing one of my very agreeable argument: a solo song can not, but can not do without Riff (even the next paragraph). Most wanted to be a guitarist who is good at writing Riff, not a solo guitarist. True, Solo will make a song even better, but a wonderful Riff will keep you in mind the song, even though solo may not even exist.

What if we have a good Riff and a good song? How can a guitarist be called a success? List the number of albums he released? Statistics him on the number of television? Still depends on how much attention he has attracted? My personal point of view is that if someone hears a piece of music, you know that this is a certain piece of work, then that is success, and it is something that a guitarist deserves to be most proud of. Jimi Hendrix did it, Jeff Beck did it and Jack White did it too. Maybe technically, he is far worse than the first two, but he proved it in his own way, not as rock and roll, not as good as John Mayer.

With regard to attitude, Jack White most special place is his preference for root causes, do not like too dependent on technology. A very cheap plastic guitar for many years, until after the fame we often see the red guitar roaring on the stage. His favorite song is a black man who beats the blues and you can hear it in the movie "It might get loud." There was no guitar in the song, no drums, no sound recording, and even the beats on the inside were unstable. But he heard what the singer had relayed, which was more important than anything else. When it comes to this can not help but think of my own band ... I feel very good in all aspects, but a look at the performance of the video shot .. not contagious. They are not high on the stage, how to infect the audience? This may be the biggest problem for many not-yet-accomplished bands, and even a lot of guitar masters at the GC are uninteresting and wood-like. Think about what is going on stage performance? In order to pick up girl? If it is for this reason will not come to this step, learn three chords play a folk purpose has been reached. Since it is music that can bring us happiness, then show happiness! Cheeky point to let go, a station will believe that their own thing is the most Niubi! The audience either feel you Niubi, or feel you **. At least you can show something, if the dumbfounded chicken bounces on the stage, it shows only one thing: I play the piano, and then the audience says "Oh," and if you look handsome, that's fine That subtext is nothing more than: Hi Big sister Little fresh white Fu Mei, I will play the piano, I want to sleep with you ...

Halo, the title ran a bit far .. The following to say Jack White's tone. In addition to the way of playing the piano and the root of the singing, timbre is his most unique place. Most of the following equipment aspects are translated online information, add some of their own notes and feelings:


The White Stripes
Red and white are the iconic colors of the White Stripes. Jack White is a smart guy who understands how to pack a band and knows what Less is more. Their clothing, album cover, MV are full of these two colors, Jack White's effect is no exception:
This picture from right to left, the red Mute box (used to cut off the sound signal at any time), BOSS TU-2 tuning table, MXR Micro Amp (it is said to be always on), Digitech Whammy Octave settings, plus Big Muff shaped Jack's iconic solo sound, and occasionally Jack would be used to mimic bass with a few octaves lower, the Seven Nation Army is a good example), EH Big Muff Red), EH POG (later replaced by POG 2). Jack got a plate with a lot of holes in the POG, fixed the handle of the adjustment, and then crazy on the stage will not accidentally change the settings. You can hear it in "Blue Orchid".

In the White Stripes, Jack White has two effects boards, and the other is next to the drum of Meg White (his drummer, his ex-wife, the big breasts). Nick Zinner, one of my favorite guitarists Yeah yeah yeahs, also has two effects boards on the stage, each in a different location. According to his original words because he likes to create some trouble for himself. I think the real need for the most of reason, he needs a lot of speakers a lot of looper to enrich their voice, that Rich is a good example of his second set of boards next to the speaker in front of the keyboard that the monophonic riff An old, cheaper Yamaha drum machine fiddled out, and listening alone was extremely old fashioned, but Nick got it distorted by receiving a small VOX speaker. Immediately gave this little riff vitality. Then he repeated it with the Lineo DL4 looper, stopped it anytime with an external pedal, and adjusted it at any time.

Well back to White Stripes. . Have seen some of their Live, you will find that there are many Jack's microphone, next to the drum, synthesizer and so on, and some Mic on the same time there are two Mic, a left channel, a right channel, his sentence Sing on the left sing, a sing on the right. Gray is very interesting, just like the two are in conversation.