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How to become a qualified guitarist? 24 proverbs for guitarists

Michael 2017-12-11 08:31:20
Many people think that talent can be a great musician. The author believes that this is not the case. In a perfect world, the best musicians - the best guitarists - rely on their own ability to practice. However, today our music industry is far from perfect. Unless you really are the gods of life (like Eddie Van Halen), with its own power to change the history of the guitar it, and the fact is cruel, EVH also through exquisite playing and experience of time to reach other guitar Not touch the height of the hand, not those who hire you or buy your record.

This article summarizes what many guitarists should and should not do - hopefully these 24 suggestions will be your guideline and set out to you the goals for the future. Understand them, remember them, master and absorb them, and build good relationships. Only in this way can you become a better person, a better guitarist, in your own way to change the stage from the basement to the gymnasium.

No one likes a stupid

It turns out: Most of the musicians do not care if you're the second Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Helen or SRV. They just ask you to have a good attitude and play the right note at the right place at the right time. Remember - no one is irreplaceable, no one who can survive, do not believe you ask David?

2. Good music is your most important music asset

If you do not have a good state, then no one will want to play with you. You need to have a strong feeling, it is that simple. The term "strong feeling" here refers to a state in which the rhythm can be stabilized and the rhythm can be freely exercised. Our advice is to play your best and keep practicing. Listen to how musicians play their roles: from rock music ("Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin) to funk music with 16th note (James Brown's "Sex Machine") and then to Stevie Ray Vaughan "Pride and Joy"). Practice yourself (using a metronome) - You practice enough independence and find out where you are.

3. Create your own voice
There is no better way to learn than to gain knowledge from playing your favorite guitarist. In particular, do not let your performance sound too much like your favorite guitarist, though this is not a bad thing in most cases. What you have to remember is that rules, especially musical rules, are meant to be broken.

4. On time
You will not believe how many musicians do not know how important punctuality is. But this is very important personal qualities. Gunslinger guitarist Bumblefoot published a "punctuality" advice in an interview with Metal Hammer: "Be sure to get on-time when you have an appointment. What I mean by 'punctuality' is to get there early and Actively communicate with others. "

5. Whether it is on stage or on stage, as much as possible to communicate with other musicians

When you are on stage or in the studio, do not listen to everything in your own world, you need to interact with musicians who work with you. And respond to their performance. When someone else solo, you do not play too loudly or interrupt his performance. Try to be humble and learn from their good music - If you play to make others sound better, then you may be receiving more and more later.

Have a clear goal

The most successful people in the field of music have a clear goal in their minds and they will do everything to achieve their goals. The simple idea is that you do not have to change from a musician to a rock star or a rock star to become a musician, which can greatly reduce the cynicism and pain you experience on the music journey.

7. To play for the song, not just based on their own understanding

This is a very important point when playing. For example, playing Yngwie in "Bushy" Glycerine, or playing jazz solo in "Outshined" by Soundgarden, sounds squeaky no matter how impressive your performance is. I learned this when a punk singer recruited. At the time, I wanted to try my best to show that being a full-fledged musician should have a wealth of skills, so at the end of a fiercer A tune, I used the Am (add9) chord as the ending tone rather than a more suitable A5 chord, and the result is the author lost. This lesson a little bit painful!

Play with your best musicians

Playing with great musicians can get you to a whole new level in a very short period of time. You learn a lot of skills and learn from their years of experience. But if you want to be a celebrity, the best way to do this is to try to please some famous people and hang out in the coolest bars in the city.

Elephant invisible, loud sound - Less Is More

Perhaps many of the clichés you've heard or read about telling you how to become a guitarist are easy to talk about, but you do not have to be that simple, and if you really do it Do not have to be complicated. The author learned this on a cruise show. At that time, I was still a rookie. I was a bit of an obstacle to interpreting the music. I could not respond to other people's music very quickly during the accompaniment, so I felt very nervous on the first performance. Playing a few parts - just the notes I identified. And at the end of the show, the singer told me that she had never seen a musician who was so sensitive to rhythm.

10. The image is really important
This is one of the very sad truths in the performance industry. The good news is that not every band requires the musicians to have the same feeling of appearance. So it's a common sense that if you're going to an English band to audition, then do not dress up like Marilyn Manson.

11. have a very good feel (tremolo)

Some guitarists have said they spent about 10 to 15 years practicing good vibes. They are lucky, because most guitarists have never "mastered" it. Your touch is like your fingerprints, it can distinguish the blues you play, many other guitarists. Think of B.B. King or Jimi Hendrix, and they are easy to tell. There are two main types of vibrato, one from the wrist (eg, Hendrix and B.B.King) and one from the fingers. To determine which type of tremolo method is right for you, you can take a look at what your favorite guitarist is using and try to mimic them. You can also check out B.B. King's Bluesmaster (Volume 1) to see his unique vibrato technique.

12. fully understand their own equipment
I can not stress how important it is. You want to fully understand their own equipment, so that they can play for you. For example, if you are pursuing the Stevie Ray Vaugha soundtrack, using your Les Paul guitar to access Marshall Speakers is a 99% chance that it will not work. You need to connect the Strat guitar to the Fender Bassman speaker (versus the Ibanez Tube Screamer that gives you a powerful impact). And unless you are a studio fan of technology, the sound of an excellent guitar and speaker (with overload or chorus effects) may sound ten times better than digital rack equipment.

13. Focus on practicing something you do not understand, not what you already know

In order to improve your level, you have to practice. Although it sounds boring, you have to know that hard practice does not have to be in the cold basement (the key is to have your little friends outside), playing scales and arpeggios blindly. You can learn many useful techniques from your favorite guitarist. For example, you can see that Eric Johnson used the minor five-tone scale in the prelude to "Cliffs of Dover." Here are three suggestions for practicing the piano:

A. First grasp the bar of music (no more than four to eight notes of time), and then form them into longer paragraphs.

B. Slow down (which helps you build muscle memory) as you start to play new things, and then gradually speed up. This is much better than a so-so quick play.

C. Keep using the metronome.

14. To know how to run your own music business

For musicians, it's also important to know how to run yourself. If you want to make money as a musician, you have to think of yourself as a business, and your music as a product. Do not like most musicians (stupid, drunk, pretentious and over-confident), you're going to get some bastard producers and record labels to know that you're not offended.

15. fluent in the size of the five-tone scale

If you have mastered the secrets of the pentatomic scales, you will be able to easily play rock, pop, blues or country music on the palm of your hand.

16. That is learning

Many guitarists can play many cool phrases while practicing, but on the stage they have a hard time telling this new material to fit into their performance. So before you learn a new thing, you should think about when you can apply it to music.

Learn as much melody as you can

Learning more melodies (any tunes) will not only make your performance trickier, it will (unconsciously) give you a unique advantage in developing the next phrase. Ideally, you should be able to re-interpret the melodies you've heard.

A. Listen to how good musicians interpret the melody and try to imitate their phrases on the guitar.

B. Try to play any melody, I mean any melody you hear, including TV commercials, children's songs, or sprinklers theme song.

C. Try to play the melody in more positions. Out of the inherent "box", you want to play music, rather than being music.

18. Understand your identity

When the band leader lets you play in a different way, try to obey and do not argue. Do not pass on your own displeasure and negative energy to others. Do not always think you know more. Do not be the "bastard" in the eyes of others. You have to know when you are full-fledged, you have a lot of opportunities to carry handle ~

19. Do not blindly follow the public's point of view, try to learn more style

No matter how great guitar you are, or what you think you have and learned, listening to more music will not do you any harm. Opening up to other styles will make you a better and more comprehensive musician.

And we must always be self-examination, do not blindly follow some of the inherent, popular view, there should be one hundred thousand why the spirit, good at thinking.

20. Find dignity as a music player
Whether it's in the hundreds of viewers or in front of your sister and dog, you all need to feel comfortable and natural. If you want to do this, you need to invest some time before you can achieve it. As a rookie or you, you can try to play at home, and then participate in some improvisational performances. Go to some non-critical performances, accumulate stage experience and feeling. Accept any performance, for this problem, experience is the most important.

21. Be friends with other musicians

This is the best way to get shows and contacts. If others do not know who you are, how to recommend you? This may sound annoying and has some flattering ingredients, but you still need to do your best to help other guitarists. Although there is fierce competition between musicians, but most of your reputation are derived from the recommendations of other musicians.

22. Learn some basic music

Being able to hear common chord changes helps to pick out the songs when you listen to them and you learn the melody. Knowing some basic theories will help you in the song creation and rhythm section. For example, understanding the structure of most Blues scales as I-IV-V (CFG) and early rock ballads is usually I-VI-IV-V, knowing that these will be the ones you play any tune and style help.

23. Be careful

As soon as you or your band starts to become popular, various rumors or gossip about you pop up. You can think of them as jokes without overreacting. Optimistic about your equipment tour, those are you all. Try to save some money, do not drink all over.

24. rabbits do not eat nest grass

Do you understand? You know!