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Jack 2017-11-01 07:59:15
As one of the world's three major musical instruments guitar, with its wonderful sound, rich harmony, perfect expression by the people of the world's favorite, become the world's most widely circulated, playing the largest number of musical instruments. Throughout the international music scene, guitar masters frequent tour; competitive guitar international tournament; a large number of rich works of outstanding, guitar learners high enthusiasm for learning, all that guitar in today's world of prosperity and development. Faced with such a grand occasion of music, China is quiet a lot. Although in recent years, some people in the international award, there are foreign masters to China performances, music institutions also opened a classical guitar professional, and composers began to make guitar for the composer, but all this is still in its infancy, this level of development and China 13 The level of development of the population should be far apart. This situation strongly urges domestic guitarists, teachers, learners and musicians to pay more effort to develop China's guitar business.
The guitar is a very old instrument, and its history is far more than the piano and the violin. As early as 3000 BC in ancient Egypt appeared on the Li-Qin guitar prototype. As the evolution of the guitar is not a single line of development and the lack of early written records, from the Li Luqin to the development of modern guitar is different opinions, there are two more authoritative argument: 1 guitar originated in Asia's Lu Teqin, through Egypt, Persia, the Arabian Peninsula , In the 8th century AD spread to Spain. 2 Mesopotamia discovered the development of the long guru rutgers evolved into modern guitars.

The 12th century Spanish is mainly popular with two guitars: Latin guitar and moles guitar (four strings guitar). The 16th century has appeared more than the Viagra, playing methods useful dial, finger and bow three. During this period there were many great players such as Milan, Mudara and so on. When the Spanish Vivetro was at its peak, the rest of Europe was active and appeared to be many composers and performers, famous: Galileo (the father of the Italian astronomer Galileo), the high El, John Doran and so on. With the appearance of the harpsichord at the end of the seventeenth century,
Lute piano disappeared. During this period, Spain's Naier gave the Latin guitar with the fifth string. In 1586 Alat published a guitar tutorial, so that the five-string guitar rapid development to other parts of Europe.

During the 18th century Baroque and Rococo, the development of keyboard music and bowstring reached its peak, while the guitar was at a stagnant stage.

At the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, the guitar began to revive. During this period there have been numerous great guitarists in the history of guitar: Saul, Aguado, Giuliani, etc., they created a large number of rich and precious guitar works, some still as guitar concerts on the outstanding repertoire. At that time, Weber, Berlioz, Paganini and other musicians playing guitar and composer, especially Paganini had guitar wrote 43 short songs, more than 100 other types of works, in addition to Trio quartet and so on.

In the mid-19th century due to the rise of piano and symphony, guitar once again into the decade of recession.

At the beginning of the 19th century the guitar was added to the sixth string, 50 years of Spanish guitar maker Torres to determine the standard of modern guitar, modern guitar really born.
In the case of
In the late 9th century, there was a great guitar musician, known as the "father of modern guitars," and he studied the guitar's performance and successfully adapted the works of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and other masters Song, greatly enriched the guitar track. He established his own teaching system, created a lot of Etudes, taught Liu Beite, Puhall and other disciples, and by their influence in the 20th century almost all guitarists.

In the early twentieth century, the disciples of Terega made a great contribution to the revival of the guitar, and the guitar's real prosperity was the greatest guitarist in the history, and the educator Segovia had three contributions:

1, with the guitar to play the famous piano, violin, the move in the music industry caused a great sensation and influence, and ultimately make the guitar reached one of the world's top three instruments of the highest status.

2, to the world tour and exchange, so that musicians and people around the world to recognize the charm of this instrument guitar, led a large number of composers for the guitar composer, such as: Ponce, Vera Roberts, Rodrigo Ge and so on. 3 he ran around the world of music institutions, set up a classical guitar professional and teaching, his students John Williams, Julian Brieim, Pa Kenning, Diya Shi, Thomas and others are in today's world Level guitar master. Segovia's merit made him with the modernist painter Picasso, the cellist Casals and known as the Spanish majestic master of art. The famous guitarist Rodrigo's two guitar concerto: "Alan Lake Esse" and "Fantasy for a Gentleman" is a milestone in the history of guitar art, to prove to the world a variety of guitar performance and rich Expressive force. In addition, Castelnuovo - Tedesco, Tulina, Toro and other outstanding composers also wrote a group of highly artistic guitar music, twentieth century guitar to a comprehensive revival.
Twentieth Century excellent guitar composer, performer constantly emerging. Composers have Paraguay's Barrios, Cuba's Bravoville and so on. Players are Spain's Ye Peisi, British Burim and Australia's Williams and so on. From the twentieth century, guitar music is clearly toward the diversified development, both the guitar playing style, the form of guitar music, and the musical instrument itself, there are numerous phenomena.

Guitar features


According to the "Music Dictionary" (edited by Wang Peilun) Music: "The (guitar) sounds exceptionally beautiful, in all instruments is the most delicate and most meticulous." Guitar sound of the United States so that the world intoxicated, because the fingers directly touch the string, And through the finger angle and position adjustment can be issued a variety of different sounds, such as: playing in the hole at the soft piano, sweet, melancholy, playing sound in the bridge at the bridge bright, open, gorgeous.


The guitar has six strings that can play four or six at the same time, so you can play multiple parts of the music. In addition to the guitar, there are only a few instruments such as the piano harp, and the guitar is not only capable of solo, ensemble, orchestra, but also for other instruments and vocal accompaniment.

Expressive force

Guitar has a rich expression, 123 string beautiful, gorgeous as the sweet nightingale singing, 456 string low, there are shocking like a poet melancholy crooning. In addition, the guitar performance skills varied, can imitate drums, drums, bass, black tube, bells, singing musical instruments and so on. Style from the Baroque, classical, romantic to all kinds of modern diversified music all the most vividly. The classical period of music Saint Beethoven has praised the guitar: "is simply a little orchestra!"
various kinds:

Guitar family in addition to the highest artistic value of the classical guitar, there are the United States Hawaiian guitar, the Spanish folk song and dance art in the flamenco guitar, the world popular folk guitar guitar, electric guitar, bass and so on. These instruments have different range, playing methods, playing style, greatly expanding the guitar family members. So that it is widely accepted by the people of the world.


Of course the guitar is not perfect. Guitar one of the biggest shortcomings is the volume is small, so there is no place in the symphony orchestra, often as a chamber music. But today there are many excellent guitar makers around the world who are working on the improvement of the guitar volume, and believe that the guitar's volume will be greatly improved in the near future.