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The 13th Guitar China Spring Festival glory Lunar New Year

2018-02-12 12:08:36

Bright stars, Swiss dog spring. The evening of February 7, 2018 The 13th Guitar China Spring Festival and the 1st Guitar China awards ceremony in Beijing three layers of candy glory Lunar New Year, held grand
The 1st Guitar China Awards - honoring the highest award in the guitar world for encouraging the creation and development of outstanding guitar musicians and honoring the innovations in the field of cultural, creative and technological performing arts among guitar industry practitioners And social performance, inventory Summary last year for guitar culture undertakings made outstanding contributions to the units and individuals, awards include guitar and jazz drums and other fields of modern instruments!

The festival was jointly organized by China Guitar China and China Musical Instrument Association and Beijing Rock Branch. The theme activities were staged in turn with the Guitar Spring Festival Gala and the Awards Ceremony, with colorful content planning. Award ceremony guests gathered, filled with friends! Sharing the grand occasion of the guitar spring night, enjoy the magnificent color of guitar culture show! Numerous on-site audiences and live viewers witness another milestone in the development of Chinese guitar culture: 1st Guitar China Awards! Eventually flowers, creating a new chapter in the history of guitar culture!